Malaysia’s bio-based industry recorded an approved investment worth RM6.81 billion from 283 certified local biotechnology companies. Science, Technology and Innovation (Mosti) Minister Datuk Seri Wilfred Madius Tangau said the investment was a 2.2% increase from RM6.6 billion recorded in 2016. “The investment was made through bio-based firms who had received the BioNexus status from Mosti through Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corp Sdn...
The Budget 2018 speech by Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Prime Minister and Finance Minister: Prospering an Inclusive Economy, Balancing Between Worldly and Hereafter, For The Wellbeing of the Rakyat, Towards the TN50 Aspiration Mr Speaker Sir, I beg to move the Bill intituled "An Act to apply a sum from the Consolidated Fund for the service of the year 2018...
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) today announced $9.6 million in available funding for projects to support the development of new biobased products and biomaterials from renewable sources such as crops, trees, and waste materials from farmland and forests. Funding is made through NIFA’s Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI), authorized by the...
Petronas Chemicals Group Bhd (PetChem) has approved a final investment decision for an Isononanol plant within the Pengerang Integrated Complex in Pengerang, Johor, for a total investment cost of US$442 million.
Celgene is licensing rights to develop its TORC1/2 inhibitor CC-223 in East and Southeast Asia to Antengene, and CRO Tigermed will help the latter with clinical development.
A Singaporean biotechnology company working on experimental cancer drugs is listing in Taiwan, potentially opening the door for more foreign peers to go public on the island.
Flooding has become a global concern, putting people at risk of starvation due to water drowning crops. Now, researchers are getting closer to identifying the molecular processes underlying how floods deprive plants of oxygen — and how to engineer hardier crops.
Plastic’s cheapness, versatility and durability are undeniable, but in a burgeoning Ocean Internet of Things, plastic as we know it and the marine environment are a toxic combination.
KUALA LUMPUR: Menjamin keselamatan makanan dan tenaga serta persediaan menghadapi perubahan iklim dengan menumpukan kepada peralihan yang adil dan saksama serta pembinaan kapasiti adalah antara strategi penting yang perlu diambil oleh Malaysia untuk mengharungi pergolakan dalam ekonomi global.
The U.S.' “onshoring” initiative that kicked off during the Trump administration at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic has been carried forward by President Joe Biden, who recently committed $2 billion in a bid to rejuvenate the U.S.’s biotech and biomanufacturing base.
“We might be one of the largest vegetable producers in Korea currently, supplying the major retailers and food companies. Our B2B business model of supplying big food companies in Korea helps us to stay upfront,” says Yong Park, Global Business Operations at PlantTFarm and Chief Marketing Officer at Farm8.
The goal of this project is to develop productive, cost-effective and sustainable warm-season perennial bioenergy feedstock production systems on marginal croplands across geographic locations in the Midwest. The University of Illinois (at Champaign-Urbana)’s D. K. Lee leads the team of researchers.
MIDF Investment expects the global growth to moderate to 3% this year, as the low base effect wanes, the pace of growth this year will be back to more normalized levels after the robust +6.1% rebound last year.
Reactive oxygen species, or ROS, get a bad rap. The volatile byproducts of chemical reactions with oxygen, they’re well-known markers of inflammation. Their build-up can damage DNA, RNA and proteins in the cell.
KUALA LUMPUR: Nestle SA is committed to investing more than one billion Swiss francs to make coffee farming for its Nescafe brand more sustainable. Parked under Nescafe Plan 2030, the company is working with coffee farmers to help them transition to regenerative agriculture while achieving zero net greenhouse gas emissions.
"Without further investments in the bioeconomy, the net zero emission target will not be met." Data issued from the EU project Biomonitor point out gaps in the Green Deal and suggest speeding up procedures states, "New technologies must be fostered but length and complexity of the European approval process risk discouraging the investors."
KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 30): The early resumption of Parliament next Monday (Oct 3) will see all eyes fixed on the tabling of the Supply (Budget) Bill 2023 or Budget 2023 on Friday, three weeks earlier than originally scheduled.
WASHINGTON: At-risk people who received a single dose of the monkeypox vaccine in U.S. efforts against the virus appeared to be significantly less likely to get sick, public health officials announced Wednesday, even as they urged a second dose for full protection.
BACHOK, Sept 29 (Bernama) -- Farm mechanisation and fertilisation package for sweet potato cultivation is capable of improving productivity, saving labour cost, increasing farm-scale crop yield and reducing dependence on imports.
THe Malaysian oil palm industry must develop more downstream oleochemical products to address the global demographic and social changes, increasing wealth as well as improvements in well-being due to rapid urbanisation. Global demand for value-added products such as industrial chemicals, nutraceuticals and special needs foods, cosmeceuticals, food supplements and pharmaceutical products is increasing.
KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 29): Malaysia’s economy is on solid and stable footing despite global economic headwinds caused by geopolitical tensions and other external events. Finance Minister Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz said the government will continue to take proactive steps to safeguard the economy.
BANGKOK, Sept 24 (Bernama) -- Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Bhd (Malaysian Genomics), a leading genomics and biopharmaceutical specialist, is collaborating with its Thai partners to explore opportunities for research and development (R&D) of new products and services.
MELAKA, Sept 28 (Bernama) -- The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries (MAFI), through its Agricultural Irrigation And Drainage Division, has developed a National Benchmarking Index of Water Consumer Groups or MyKPA to improve water management efficiency among farmers.
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 19 (Bernama) -- The National Energy Policy 2022-2040 launched today sends a clear signal to oil and gas, services and equipment (OGSE) companies to participate in the energy transition as the government prioritises environmental sustainability.  
KUALA LUMPUR: Bank Pembangunan Asia (ADB) merancang untuk menyediakan sekurang-kurangnya AS$14 bilion (RM64.28 bilion) antara 2022 dan 2025 dalam usaha mengurangkan krisis makanan yang semakin buruk di Asia dan Pasifik.
Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the world’s leading cause of death, with an average toll of 18.6 million lives lost every year. Although CVD are commonly associated with adulthood, the lesser-known fact is that children too are at risk of developing CVD. The most common heart disease among children is known as congenital heart defects (CHD).
Dutch plant-based ingredients company Fooditive is scaling up existing products and introducing the latest developments: LowSalt & Bee-free-Honey. “We feel like the next chapter of this journey has just begun. With the support from our shareholders, clients, partners and our team we are focused to increase our impact and make a fundamental change in the industry,” said Moayad Abushokhedim, founder...
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 28 (Bernama) -- Malaysia common its abutment for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in analytic all-around nuclear technology issues, and is accessible and committed to alive calm with the international agency.
Job redesign – the process of transforming jobs, reconfiguring tasks and redesigning responsibilities to enhance job roles and improve the organisation’s output – has been undertaken by organisations even before the Covid-19 pandemic.
September 28, 2022 – A new vaccine for malaria developed by scientists at the University of Oxford was up to 80% effective at preventing disease in young children, according to trial results published in early September. Dyann Wirth, Richard Pearson Strong Professor of Infectious Diseases, offers some thoughts on the new vaccine and its potential impact.
SANDAKAN: Sabah will allocate at least RM50 million to fund the state's agricultural research. State Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Datuk Seri Dr Jeffrey Kitingan said allocation would help the Agriculture Department in meeting its target of achieving 100 per cent self-sufficiency level (SSL) for food production in the region.
In many circles, “biotechnology” is a four-letter word. Whether you’re a Jurassic Park truther, an anti-Monsanto activist, or an anti-Vaxxer, the products of biotechnology—real, live dinosaurs, genetically modified foods, or the COVID-19 vaccine—are modern monsters.
The digital economy is one of Malaysia’s key economic pillars, currently contributing 22.6% to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). The number is set to rise to 25.5% by 2025, says Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) CEO Mahadhir Aziz, predicated on an explosive growth in e- commerce and rising rates of digital adoption.
FRANKFURT (Sept 28): Europe's drug makers have warned they may stop making some cheap generic medicines because of surging electricity costs and are calling for an overhaul of the way they are priced, the latest industry to seek help as the energy crisis deepens.
KUALA LUMPUR: Pemaju, pengilang dan pembekal bahan api biojisim tempatan, Bio Eneco Sdn Bhd (BioEneco) mengembangkan perniagaan ke Filipina menerusi penghantaran hampas kelapa sawit ke negara itu.
KEAKRABAN dan hubungan dua hala sedia ada Malaysia dalam pelbagai bidang dengan Emiriah Arab Bersatu (UAE) dipertingkatkan kepada perkongsian strategik. Ia membabitkan bidang ekonomi, pelaburan dan perdagangan, tenaga boleh diperbaharui, sekuriti makanan serta minyak dan gas.
Vietnam may become a new tiger in Asia, according to Italy’s La Repubblica daily after the World Bank raised the Southeast Asian country’s growth forecast. The journal cited data from the World Bank East Asia and Pacific Economic Update showing that the region may record growth of 3.2 per cent this year and 4.6 per cent next year.
Knowing which stem cell characteristics to optimize during the manufacturing process is among the biggest challenges still facing the cell therapy industry. That’s according to Greg Fiore, MD, CEO of Exacis Biotherapeutics.
With its annual 800,000 tons of aquaculture production in the past three years, Türkiye has ranked first among European Union countries, according to data from the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry.
This is a significant moment in On’s journey to move away from petroleum-based resources by creating a new foam material called CleanCloud™, made using carbon emissions as a raw material. On is the first company in the footwear industry to explore carbon emissions as a primary raw material for a shoe’s midsole, specifically EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam, that...
PUTRAJAYA, Sept 19 — The holistic implementation of the National Low Carbon Aspiration 2040 plan is expected to expand gross domestic product growth (GDP) by RM13 billion a year and generate over 207,000 jobs.
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Bhd (MGRC) has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with the Faculty of Science and Natural Resources, Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) and Rinani Genotec Sdn Bhd (RGSB) to collaborate on research and development (R&D) in genetics and regenerative and alternative medicines.
SINGAPORE (Sept 20): Malaysia has a huge potential to supply feedstock to companies involved in producing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), said Transport Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong.
PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia has set a goal to raise the country's annual average gross domestic product (GDP) by RM13 billion with the implementation of the National Energy Policy 2022–2040. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the policy, which includes an 18-year plan to transform the country into a low-carbon nation, will also help to create 207,000 employment opportunities by...
KUALA LUMPUR: The Agriculture and Food Industries Ministry has agreed in principle for state governments to maintain the gazette on Permanent Food Production Parks, as well as to gazette those that have not yet been declared as such.
KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 21): Apex Healthcare Bhd has proposed to team up with Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holdings Co Ltd to market their branded pharmaceuticals, consumer healthcare products and medical devices in selected Asean and other international markets.
Ministery of Agriculture and Food Industry is mulling on Gazetteing, Maintenance, and Modernization of the Permanent Food Production Park (TKPM) as well to look at ways in optimizing existing and undeveloped agricultural land to increase the country’s food production.
Researchers at DTU have developed a yoghurt bacterium, which can cleave lactose in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. This makes it possible to create natural sweetness in yoghurt with less added sugar.
Today, President Biden signed an Executive Order to launch a National Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Initiative that will ensure we can make in the United States all that we invent in the United States. This Initiative will create jobs at home, build stronger supply chains, and lower prices for American families. On Wednesday, the White House will host a Summit...
Scientists have engineered mosquitoes that slow the growth of malaria-causing parasites in their gut, preventing transmission of the disease to humans. The genetic modification causes mosquitoes to produce compounds in their guts that stunt the growth of parasites, meaning they are unlikely to reach the mosquitoes' salivary glands and be passed on in a bite before the insects die.
CHICAGO and PURCHASE, N.Y., September 14, 2022 – ADM (NYSE:ADM), a global leader in sustainable agriculture and nutrition, and PepsiCo (NASDAQ: PEP) today announced a groundbreaking 7.5-year strategic commercial agreement to closely collaborate on projects that aim to significantly expand regenerative agriculture across their shared North American supply chains.
SINGAPORE: Malaysia hopes that oil palm biomass will be accepted as a feedstock for the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) given the rising demand for the use of the jet fuel alternative worldwide. Transport Minister Datuk Wee Ka Siong said Malaysia had been involved in the effort to include the oil palm biomass as part of the CORSIA Eligible...
Feeling anxious at work? Here’s how you can manage it according to the Advanced Psychiatry Associates.
GOING by the World Health Organisation (WHO), "essential medicines are those that satisfy the priority healthcare needs of the population. "They are selected with due regard to public health relevance, evidence of efficacy and safety, and comparative cost-effectiveness.
It tastes like a tomato, smells like a tomato, and even looks (mostly) like a tomato. There's just one catch: It's purple. The USDA has approved a genetically modified purple tomato, clearing the path for the unique fruit to be sold in American stores next year.
In a greenhouse in Nottinghamshire, Barbara Wright is growing peat. Well, not peat exactly. Wright's company, BeadaMoss, is growing sphagnum moss – the main component of natural peat extracted from northern peatlands for use in gardens across the US and Europe.
The Hydrogen Bank will invest €3 billion to capitalise on the rapidly developing hydrogen economy, helping Europe to forge a future market for hydrogen in Europe, alleviating the continent’s reliability on fossil fuels and sustainably powering the journey toward carbon neutrality.
The World Health Organization (WHO) Guideline Development Group recommended that patients with COVID-19 not receive the antibody drugs sotrovimab and casirivimab-imdevimab. The Group’s recommendation replaces previous conditional recommendations “Rapid Recommendations: A living WHO guideline on drugs for Covid-19,” published in The British Medical Journal two years ago, for the drugs’ use and is based on emerging evidence from laboratory studies that these drugs...
Two industrial design students were so concerned by the huge amounts of perfectly good fresh produce being wasted, they spent two years working on a healthy solution. Esti Brantz and Meydan Levy noticed that fruit and veg was getting tossed in the trash due to cosmetic reasons such as size, shape, color differences, or similar perceived imperfections.
FRANKFURT: Choked by soaring energy and wood pulp costs, German toilet paper maker Hakle is turning to waste from coffee production to stay afloat and help the environment. Just two years ago, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, the firm profited from a stampede of consumers rushing to stock up on essentials.
A modest cut of just 1g in daily salt intake could ward off nearly nine million cases of heart disease and strokes and save four million lives by 2030, suggest the estimates of a modelling study published in the open access journal BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health.
New discoveries about embryonic blood stem cell creation made independently by biomedical engineers and medical researchers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney could one day eliminate the need for blood stem cell donors.
Ecuador’s relatively extensive shrimp farming techniques have ensured that their shrimp are robust enough to cope with the presence of pathogens that would be disastrous in most parts of Asia – allowing them to continuously produce shrimp sustainably for decades.
Companies that produce technologies to remove or reduce carbon emissions are “poised for strong continued growth,” reaching an expected value of $1.4 trillion by 2027, according to new market research. The research report, recently released by the financial data firm PitchBook, predicts that the sector will be worth $905 billion by the end of this year. That makes the global...
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 13 (Bernama) -- The country’s biotechnology fraternity has lauded the government’s launch of the National Biotechnology Policy 2.0 (DBN 2.0). The National Institutes of Biotechnology Malaysia (NIBM) chief executive professor Prof Datuk Dr Raha Abdul Rahim said the focus should be given to the biotechnology industry so that Malaysia does not fall behind compared to other ASEAN...
KUALA LUMPUR: Syarikat teknologi 3D Gens Sdn Bhd (3D Gens) tampil menjadi syarikat tempatan pertama di Malaysia menghasilkan implan khusus pesakit (PSI) dengan menggunakan cetakan logam 3D yang disasarkan kepada pesakit yang memerlukan bantuan tulang gantian.
PUTRAJAYA (Sept 12): The Special Task Force on Jihad Against Inflation will review the aspects of the food supply chain approach and distribution, and find alternative sources of imported food to reduce price and cost hikes, in a bid to curb inflation in the country.
Waste management is a universal issue affecting the daily health, productivity and cleanliness of communities. Poorly managed waste is contaminating the world’s oceans, clogging drains and causing flooding, transmitting diseases, increasing respiratory problems through airborne particles and affecting economic development.
KUALA LUMPUR - Dasar Bioteknologi Negara 2.0 (DBN 2.0) yang dilancarkan pada Isnin akan memberi tumpuan kepada tiga tunjang utama dalam memperkasakan sektor berkenaan seiring aspirasi menjadikan Malaysia sebagai negara berteknologi tinggi menjelang 2030.
KUALA LUMPUR: The status of vaccines being developed under the National Vaccine Development Roadmap (PPVN) is now at the stage of preclinical trials on animals, said Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba.
KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 12): A total of 26 selected agricultural commodities recorded Self-Sufficiency Ratio (SSR) of over 100% in 2021, according to the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM).
The U.S. bioeconomy is booming. Valued at nearly one trillion dollars and predicted to grow globally to over $30 trillion over the next two decades, bioproducts now include everything from the food that we eat to the vaccines we put in our arms. Plant-based burgers, recyclable bioplastics, concrete, clothing, and microbes for mining minerals are just a few of...
KUALA LUMPUR: The biotechnology sector will receive RM7mil in allocation to stimulate growth and development, says Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob. The Prime Minister said the allocation consisted of RM5mil for the Bio-Based Accelerator (BBA) programme under Bioeconomy Corporation and another RM2mil to bring back the international biotechnology conference called BioMalaysia.
PETALING JAYA, Sept 9 — Technological advancement for healthcare in Malaysia is set to flourish further with the selection of five hospitals as Health Technology Hubs. The hubs are a part of the National Technology and Innovation Sandbox (NTIS) initiative. All sites will be used for the testing of robotics, the internet of medical things (IoMT), while leveraging 4G/5G facilities.
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 12 — The Indian mackerel, also known locally as ikan kembung, is one of the most beloved fish of Malaysians. The stout, torpedo-shaped fish is so popular it has earned the nickname ikan rakyat, meaning “fish of the people.” In a typical wet market, Indian mackerels sell quickly but the climate crisis might make it harder to get hold...
Japan’s Nippon Paper Industries and Mitsui Chemicals are set to partner in the development of a new biocomposite with a high cellulose powder content. The two companies intend to develop products and bring them to market at the earliest possible opportunity, with plans to expand into a range of fields, including consumer products, housewares, containers, building materials, household appliances,...
THE Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry (Mosti) will continue to finance the green economy, electric vehicle (EV) industry and semiconductors, electronics and electrical start-up companies to ensure they do not migrate to other countries for more opportunities.
Luxembourg - A silicone rubber compound incorporating graphene nanotube concentrate and tailored for use in medical devices has been granted entry to the EU market, developer OCSiAl has announced. According to OCSiAL, a Chinese silicone rubber compound manufacturer selected its graphene nanotubes for use in the production of electrical devices for massage treatment.
THE Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and its eight Departments/Agencies have worked hard over the past year to realise the achievement of Sabah Maju Jaya (SMJ) aspiration which celebrates its first anniversary on March 29, 2022.
KUALA LUMPUR: Prolexus Bhd signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with SIRIM Bhd to promote cooperation on various projects, which include exploring research and development (R&D) for waste materials. Prolexus executive director Datuk Au Yee Boon said SIRIM has an impeccable reputation as an organisation for research, technology and innovation.
KUALA LUMPUR: Gabungan Pusat Penyelidikan Bioteknologi Malaysia ditubuhkan bagi merealisasikan Dasar Bioteknologi Negara 2.0 (DBN 2.0). Mengumumkan perkara itu, Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, berkata gabungan itu membabitkan semua institusi dan institut penyelidikan berasaskan bioteknologi, yang mengendalikan dan mengemudi penyelidikan berdasarkan permintaan industri serta kepentingan strategik negara.
The 20th century was the century of technology. The 21st century, meanwhile, has been heralded by geneticists Craig Venter, Ph.D., and Daniel Cohen, M.D., Ph.D., as the century of biology. Those with a penchant for science fiction thought this would be a new, boundless biology—one where human beings can live ever longer, healthier lives and go beyond what their grandparents could...
Across the world of ESG investing, SDG impact, and climate change mitigation, a consistent omission has been bothering us at Agritecture: few events - if any - cover the full breadth of agriculture-related solutions.
Cost-effective carbon dioxide removal technologies play a key role in combating climate change. A team of researchers at the University of Maine in collaboration with Conscience Bay Research have developed a kelp aquaculture model for the Gulf of Maine that maximizes carbon sequestration and cost effectiveness of this natural carbon sink.
LONDON, Sept 12 — The International Monetary Fund is looking for ways to provide emergency funding to countries facing war-induced food price shocks and will discuss measures at an executive board meeting on Monday, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters.
PARIS: A booster dose of a new malaria vaccine maintains a high level of protection against the disease, researchers said Thursday, expressing hopes the cheap jab could be produced on a massive scale in a matter of years.
Advances in black tiger prawn (Penaeus monodon) genetics are leading to an impressive renaissance of the species in multiple regions, according to Robins McIntosh. Speaking at last week’s Global Shrimp Forum, McIntosh – who is senior vice president of CP Foods, and one of the world’s pre-eminent shrimp farming experts – gave an enlightening presentation on the fate of the monodon sector...
PHNOM PENH (The Phnom Penh Post/Asia News Network): Phnom Penh governor Khuong Sreng said the capital welcomes Vietnamese companies keen to invest in the recycling or conversion of waste into electricity and wastewater into clean water, as well as those who can help tackle the problem of waste deodorising management.
Ke Arah Masyarakat Bio-Inovasi (2022 - 2030)
KUALA TERENGGANU - The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) hopes that the 2023 Budget scheduled to be tabled this Oct 7 will be able to help the ministry in empowering the country's bioeconomy industry. Its deputy minister, Datuk Ahmad Amzad Hashim said through the Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation (Bioeconomy Corporation), which is now placed under MOSTI, various agendas...
GEORGE TOWN: The Ministry of Finance (MoF) is committed to continue supporting the medical device sector as one of the main growth sectors at the tabling of Budget 2023 on Oct 7. Minister Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Abdul Aziz said the medical device sector’s contribution included creating 39,000 job opportunities from 2017 to 2021 and contributing RM41.3bil in exports in...
KEPALA BATAS: The Agriculture and Food Industries Ministry hopes for an increase in allocation in the 2023 Budget to continue its various initiatives to bolster food security in the country. Its minister, Datuk Seri Dr Ronald Kiandee, said being an important ministry in food security, programmes had been mapped out to ensure food security remains the nation's top priority.
The forthcoming Asean-EU Commemorative Summit to be held in Brussels, Belgium this December is set to open doors for more engagement in bilateral environmental cooperation between both regions, with key topics-such as addressing plastic pollution through the adoption of circular approaches.
PUTRAJAYA (Sept 7): Malaysia opines that every nation-state should be brave to move towards creating a peaceful and harmonious multi-polar world that respects international diplomacy. In expressing Malaysia’s stand at the 7th Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), with the theme 'On the Path to a Multipolar World', Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the world today is moving towards...
KUCHING (Sept 5): Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin is making primary healthcare a huge part of Malaysia’s health reforms for the next 15 years. He said moving the country away from sick care to healthcare and well-being is a big vision of the Health White Paper, which is expected to be tabled in Parliament in November.
KUCHING, Sept 7 (Bernama) -- Sarawak’s shrimp export is expected to reach RM1 billion by 2030, said Sarawak Modernisation of Agriculture and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Stephen Rundi Utom. He said the effort is also in line with the Sarawak government’s target to make the state a net exporter of food by 2030.
The events of the past two years have prompted a renewed focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues including a marked shift in what consumers value in the companies and products they purchase from. Aside from growth, profitability, company culture and corporate governance, what defines a successful company today includes a company’s attitude towards the environment and sustainability.
NO sign of slowing down, instead, a study by Telenor Asia found that three in four expect mobile usage to increase and one third of Malaysians expect to "significantly increase" their mobile usage. The study, "Digital Lives Decoded", which was released as part of Telenor's 25th anniversary in Asia, surveyed over 8,000 mobile internet users across eight countries (Bangladesh, Indonesia,...
PUTRAJAYA: Any innovative health financing should ensure that there is sufficient investment into funding a "Health for All" approach, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said today. He said this at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) Health Financing Forum.
Johor has potential to become the food basket of Malaysia and a food source for neighbouring countries through the national food security agenda. Johor agriculture, agro-based industry and rural development committee chairman Datuk Zahari Sarip said the state government had formed a food security committee last year and it would be in charge of planning Johor’s path towards this goal.
Neodymium may be a strange-sounding chemical element that you've never really heard of. Yet it is found in many of our everyday electronics, from computers to television screens to the engines of hybrid cars.
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has secured investments worth RM9.3 billion via the latest Trade and Investment Mission (TIM) to Japan led by Senior Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali.
KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 8): Kenanga Research has maintained its “overweight” rating on the healthcare sector and said there was a slight sequential deterioration in the recently concluded 2QCY22 results season (against expectations).
A research team from Thailand has researched and replicated the vital extracts rich in antioxidants found in mangosteen peels that kill germs and halt infections in the intestinal mucosa (hydroxy-xanthones or HDX) and hopes to expand its work to include health products. 
German researchers at the PFI are looking into how existing plants could be integrated into a long-term energy storage strategy based on Power to Gas (P2G). They developed special reactors for biological methanisation as a sub-component of P2G plants, as Stefan Dröge, Head of the Biotechnology Department at the PFI explains.
KUALA LUMPUR: Ekonomi Malaysia bergerak ke arah nilai tambah yang lebih tinggi meskipun berdepan kesan negatif daripada perang perdagangan global dan juga pandemik COVID-19, demikian kata penganalisis.
The National University Health System (NUHS) has established the NUHS Centre for Healthy Longevity – a world's first integrated pre-clinical and clinical ageing research institute that is poised to lead the Longevity Medicine field with clinical research to prolong healthspan by delay ageing.
Disease and parasitism cause major welfare, environmental and economic concerns for global aquaculture. A broad team of scientists has been assembled to examine the status and potential of technologies that exploit genetic variation in host resistance to tackle this problem.
AKARTA: Indonesian citizens need to play a role in reducing reliance on fuel oil and shift to alternative energy sources. State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Minister, Erick Thohir said this was because fuel subsidies provided by the government impacts the state budget, according to Antara news.
Everyone has a different definition of success. For some, it has to do with monetary gains, but for others, it’s about recognition, respect, and impact. Writer Ameen Al-Sabbagh, expressed in recently that the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to relook at our lifestyles, and how we each define success for ourselves.
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Bhd (MGRC) is drawing up plans to set up a regional headquarters and establish new partnerships to tap the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region for its genomics, biopharmaceutical products and services.
The meat market is an environment of intense competition and the commercialisation requirements increases the need to preserve and guarantee the credibility of the way the animals are slaughtered, and the carcasses processed in slaughterhouses, ensuring food safety, and at the same time presenting a good economic result of operational viability.
(Sept 7): The European Union is poised to take steps to ease the mounting stress in energy markets caused by surging collateral requirements, as companies cry out for government help. Amid growing signs of stress, and as energy firms “face difficulties financing those margin calls for lack of cash collateral,” the EU’s executive arm wants to take dramatic action as...
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 30 (Bernama) -- Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are ready to further strengthen food security diplomacy cooperation between the two countries, said the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries (MAFI) today.
While it is true that over the last thirty years hundreds of scientists have worked on developing mRNA vaccines and therapeutics, real breakthroughs in making an effective and commercially viable mRNA vaccine were greatly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s important to realize that Moderna and others like BioNtech and Curevac were in clinical trials for multiple different vaccines...
The pandemic dealt the food industry multiple blows, from grounded aircraft and border closures preventing produce from reaching markets to migrant labourers who are relied upon for harvests remaining at home. While these problems led to uncertainty – and in some cases temporary shortages – in the global food supplies we rely upon, the problem of food insecurity had already...
Many countries are now active with Sustainable Aviation Fuel —but how much where, and when, and what? The bulk of activity continues to come from the US — however, the EU has been gaining momentum, and Asia of late has been highly active.
Global fish stocks will not be able to recover to sustainable levels without strong actions to mitigate climate change, a new study has projected. Researchers at UBC, the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions and University of Bern projected the impact that different global temperature increases and ranges of fishing activity would have on biomass, or the amount of fish by weight in...
In nature every species plays its role, from providing food to decomposing organic matter or capturing and storing energy – all with the ultimate aim of regulating the climate. Humanity has its own vital role to play. This role is complex, because our roles change – as individuals, families, members of a local community, being a boss or employee,...
SUNWAY CITY, 31 August 2022 – Sunway Medical Centre and United Imaging Healthcare (UIH) are collaborating to optimise molecular imaging protocols using artificial intelligence (AI) modelled reconstruction for cancer diagnosis. With this partnership, Sunway Medical Centre will be the first hospital in Southeast Asia to acquire UIH’s state-of-the-art digital PET/CT system, the uMI780. The ultra-fast, high resolution digital PET/CT transforms traditional...
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 30 (Bernama) -- The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) continues to banal carefully with assorted stakeholders in the country to advance the Malaysia Energy Transition Outlook (METO) to support the nation’s aspiration of accomplishing net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.
MENTERI Kesihatan, Khairi Jamaluddin dalam ucapannya di Persidangan Kesihatan Sedunia Sesi Ke-75 (WHA75) pada Mei lalu dilaporkan menyebut mengenai penerapan sains tingkah laku dalam menangani COVID-19 di negara ini yang terbukti berjaya.
GENEVA: Half of the world's healthcare facilities lack basic hygiene services, putting nearly four billion people at greater risk of infection, the United Nations said Tuesday. These facilities do not have water and soap or alcohol-based hand rub where patients receive care, and in their toilets, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UNICEF children's agency.
JIKA Malaysia mahu memperkukuhkan sektor makanannya, ia perlu melaksanakan polisi sekuriti makanan bersama sistem makanan. Kedua-duanya saling berkait, iaitu sekuriti makanan tidak tercapai tanpa sistem makanan mantap dan begitu juga sebaliknya.
THE Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii) is hoping that the government can introduce more policies or incentives to drive the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in the country.
A wide range of groups including civil society, academic and health groups have been identified as stakeholders that are able to interact with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) on a pandemic preparedness instrument.
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Bhd (MGRC) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to distribute biopharmaceutical and genomics products and services with Ajlan & Bros Medical Company (Ajlan). Ajlan, based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is part of a multinational conglomerate established in 1979 with extensive global private equity, real estate, and industrial investments.
ALOR SETAR: Kedah menyasarkan peningkatan pengeluaran padi sehingga 65 peratus apabila penanaman padi lima kali dalam tempoh dua tahun dilaksanakan bermula hujung tahun ini. Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor, berkata projek perintis untuk itu akan dimulakan di 1,240 hektar kawasan sawah negeri ini di bawah seliaan Lembaga Kemajuan Pertanian Muda (MADA).
Vinyl is making a comeback, and a British company says it has created the world's first bioplastic record to help musicians sell their music in a greener way. Most vinyl records are made from Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, which is described by Greenpeace as "the most environmentally damaging plastic."
In Malaysia today, specialty coffee shops are not an uncommon sight. Despite the historic popularity of the traditional kopitiam, things are starting to change. Chains and independent cafes are changing the way many Malaysians consume coffee in public. There are many coffee shops offering a variety of coffee and their numbers are growing rapidly because of the culture of...
The Food, Drug and Cosmetics (FD&C) Act’s Medical Device Amendments put many of the same types of regulations that previously applied to drugs onto medical devices. A risk classification was established, regulatory pathways were recognized, a regulatory pathway for new investigational devices was revealed, post-market requirements were put in place, and registration requirements for the establishment and a device listing were created.
We are 7.6 billion today on the planet and are expected to increase to 8.6 billion in 2030 and 9.8 billion in 2050. To satisfy our wants, we have exhausted natural resources to the extent that the Ecological footprint Atlas, 2010, reveals the rate of use of planet earth by humans at 175 percent. While Global GDP has increased...
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 30 (Bernama) -- The SureSawit oil approach berry trying out service, which can be acclimated as a apparatus for berry acceptance by smallholdings and oil approach plantations, is able to accomplish up to RM4.3 billion in further bread-and-butter achievement annually above the industry.  
IT IS official that the Malaysian federal government Budget 2023 will be tabled on Oct 7, 2022, three weeks earlier than the normal convention of the last Friday in October, every year.
Too much screen use has been linked to obesity and psychological problems. A newly reported study in fruit flies by researchers at Oregon State University now suggests that basic cellular functions could be impacted by the blue light (BL) emitted by these devices and other sources of artificial light. The results showed that accelerated aging seen in Drosophila kept in blue...
Researchers at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) led by Dr. Lourdes D. Taylo are using innovative technologies to develop improved eggplant varieties that are resistant to eggplant fruit and shoot borer (EFSB) and leafhopper (LH). The multi-disciplinary team is using genomics, IT-based phenotyping platforms, molecular marker technologies, and new breeding techniques to fast-track this development.
Researchers at Aalto University have developed a bio-based adhesive that can replace formaldehyde-containing adhesives in wood construction. The main raw material in the new adhesive is lignin, a structural component of wood and a by-product of the pulp industry that is usually burned after wood is processed. As an alternative to formaldehyde, lignin offers a healthier and more carbon-friendly...
KOTA KINABALU (Aug 24): Malaysia aims to be in the world’s top 20 Global Startup companies ecosystem, through the Malaysian Startup Ecosystem Roadmap (Super) 2021-2030, in line with national policies and initiatives to generate high-tech innovation.
AN EFFICIENT healthcare system promotes economic growth and competitiveness in a country. Public and private healthcare systems must play significant roles in uplifting services and providing the best for the public. Collaborative measures taken to integrate and implement a comprehensive system are imperative to improve services, patient and family care, alongside the process of admissions and medical interventions.
SERDANG: Microbial technologies such as biofertilisers, biostimulants, biopesticides and eco-friendly farming practices play a vital role in achieving the goals of regenerative agriculture.
A plastics recycling innovation that does more with less, presented today at the American Chemical Society fall meeting in Chicago, simultaneously increases conversion to useful products while using less of the precious metal ruthenium.
What do corncobs and tomato peels have to do with electronics? They both can be used to salvage valuable rare earth elements, like neodymium, from electronic waste. Penn State researchers used micro- and nanoparticles created from the organic materials to capture rare earth elements from aqueous solutions.
By 2050, the world's population is expected to increase to around 10 billion people. Food production will have to keep pace with this growth. The oceans, with their great, often still untapped potential as a source of food, are becoming increasingly important for us humans. Sustainable use of marine resources is essential.
NEW DELHI: India’s first indigenously developed RT-PCR kit for testing monkeypox was launched in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, Xinhua reported, quoting local daily The Times of India.
FRESH water is a valuable resource, and not just because people have access to less than 1% of the world’s water supply on a daily basis. Water conservation has never been more crucial – rising temperatures cause quicker absorption, drier situations, and an increased demand for water. Conserving water is rather simple. There are several methods to conserve water around...
Policy commitment and agricultural innovation are urgently needed for Malaysia to secure its food supply, especially in the face of an impending climate emergency and increasingly volatile geopolitical landscape.
Malaysia’s public healthcare system has been ranked among the best in the region, according to some surveys. Thanks to government funding, public healthcare services are accessible and affordable.
SIMUNJAN: Perbadanan Kemajuan Perusahaan Kayu Sarawak (PUSAKA) meletak sasaran menghasilkan satu juta anak benih buluh sehingga 2027. Pengurus Besar PUSAKA, Datuk Hashim Bojet, berkata ia bagi memastikan bekalan benih buluh dapat menampung keperluan penggerak industri di negeri itu.
A research group led by Guoliang “Greg” Liu, an associate professor of chemistry in the College of Science, is hoping to advance the field of plastic recycling. Numerous people feel comfortable tossing a glass jar or a metal can into the recycle bin. However, plastics are a little unique. Not all recycling facilities are set up to handle all plastic types because different...
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia and Singapore have substantively concluded a framework of cooperation in the digital economy and green economy. Senior Minister and International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali said the agreed areas of cooperation in the green economy were in line with the 12th Malaysia Plan's goal.
BANGKOK, Aug 23 — Malaysia is keen to learn more about cannabis from Thailand, especially on its evidence-based applications and cannabis-related pharmaceutical products for medical uses, said Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.
The Earth’s temperature has been changing since time immemorial. The period of low temperatures in the polar regions coincided with the glacial era, which resulted in a drop in global sea levels. This phenomenon was followed by an increase in temperature during the interglacial period that resulted in sea level rise.
19 Aug 2022 --- Through multigene bioengineering, a new class of soybeans has been designed to absorb light more efficiently to boost yields by up to 25%, without the loss of quality. Photosynthesis, the natural process all plants use to convert sunlight into energy and yield, is a “surprisingly inefficient 100+ step process,” stress the scientists behind the new...
Kes seorang pakar perubatan hilang lebih RM10,000 daripada akaun bank seperti didedahkan media, beberapa hari lalu, adalah antara sekian banyak pelbagai jenis penipuan membabitkan hingga ratusan ribu dan jutaan ringgit. Dalam kebanyakan kes, wang berkenaan tidak diperoleh semula, malah mangsa mengalami trauma selepas melihat hasil penat lelah mereka lesap akibat modus operandi 'scammer.'
A previously developed suite of innovative thin and flexible optical devices has been demonstrated for the future diagnosis and treatment of a range of conditions. The devices, however, require complex systems of micro-optic lenses, mirrors, and prisms, like a microscope, at their end (distal-end microsystems). These systems have the potential to transform the delivery of procedures like key-hole surgeries and biopsies.
KOTA KINABALU: The halal industry in Sabah will continue to expand to the international level with the development of a digital platform, CoreHalal, to further empower the State’s halal management system, said Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Yakub Khan.
Published at the end of 2021, the Federal Government’s “Australia’s Bioenergy Roadmap” report sets out the benefits of bioenergy, with key insights on its potential, market opportunities, resources and applicability to hard-to-abate sectors and other markets to 2050 and beyond.
The Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) has told the government to give clear direction and assistance to businesses as companies and industries play a critical role in the nation’s growth.
The global generic drug market is expected to reach $531.8 billion in revenue by 2028, representing a compound annual growth rate of 5.2% from the $392.4 billion in revenue in 2021, according to an analysis conducted by Vantage Market Research.1 The growth will be accelerated by the increasing use of robotic process automation (RPA) to ensure regulatory and standards compliance...
Agriculture is both a victim and a culprit of climate change. Growing and producing food, fiber, and biofuels generates about one-quarter of all human-caused greenhouse-gas emissions. At the same time, yields of the world’s major food crops are projected to decline in the coming decades as the climate warms, causing droughts, heat waves, or heavier-­than-normal rains. In some areas...
BASF and footwear design house Maddy Plant have collaborated to explore the possibilities of BASF’s innovative material solutions and use industry-leading technologies that enable energy-efficient production, for its concept athleisure shoe ‘MADGAMMA – Intertekk Saturn’.
THE administration’s plan to formulate a law on sustainable food waste management marks a commendable step for Malaysia in its quest to address food security. Nonetheless, food security is not only about ensuring sufficient access to safe and nutritious food, but also the ability of the nation to produce sufficient food from available natural resources.
KUALA LUMPUR: Raising the government's spending on healthcare would enable the private and public sectors to collaborate on promoting health and preventing diseases. Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia president Datuk Dr Kuljit Singh said the bid to raise the government's allocation on healthcare to five per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) could contribute to promotive and preventive care, and...
At a hyper-controlled indoor farm in industrial South San Francisco, four robots named John, Paul, George and Ringo carefully transfer seedlings from barcoded trays into 15-plus foot towers that are then hung vertically inside a 4,800 sq ft grow room.
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 17 (Bernama) -- Malaysia has a sufficient amount of natural resources to build more gas turbine power plants to provide for the increasing electrical power demand in the country, said an energy expert. CGN Korea Holdings Co Ltd joint representative director Lee Sangjin said Malaysia has enough raw material for gas turbine-generated power plants since it is one of...
TODAY'S world is very much influenced by science. Pick any issue that the world is currently facing, and science will be at the centre of it all. Climate change has become an issue because science provides evidence of global warming and carbon emissions. The landscape of world commerce has been transformed because of the advances in the Internet and cybersciences.
NEW YORK: British pharmaceutical company GSK has been awarded a contract to produce the world’s first malaria vaccine so that millions more children will be protected against the killer disease, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) announced on Tuesday, Xinhua reported.
SERDANG: Agriculture industry players were told told to stop manufacturing, distributing and selling and using carbofuran and chlorpyrifos pesticides following the ban on their use in the agriculture sector effective May 1 next year.
KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 17): Demand for plastic is set to surge over the coming decades, in the absence of significant intervention. In a report on Tuesday (Aug 16), strategic research provider BloombergNEF (BNEF) said not only will this result in more greenhouse-gas emissions, as plastic manufacturing increases, the build-up of waste will also inhibit the ocean’s ability to absorb carbon,...
KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 16): Malaysia is actively cooperating with nine countries on the development of the global halal sector, said the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). Deputy Minister Datuk Lim Ban Hong said the countries are Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Russia, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.
MANILA (Philipppine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network): The long-held dream of having vital medicines that are affordable to most Filipinos may yet be realised following the meeting of minds last week between President Marcos Jr and Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, one of the world's biggest manufacturers of pharmaceutical products.
THE Gabungan Rakyat Sabah-Barisan Nasional (GRS-BN) State Government is focusing on downstream processing of seafood into high quality products, said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor. He said Sabah is among the main exporters of fresh fish produce in Malaysia, contributing RM2.03 billion or about 15.7 per cent annually to the state’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
The Asia Pacific region, while being the most rapidly developing part of the world, also stands to suffer the impact of climate change the most. Emitting more than half of the world’s greenhouse gases, the region is home to billions living in low-lying cities and small island states. In Southeast Asia, greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) have been increasing in line...
The fourth quarter will be “the challenge” for Malaysia’s economy if global headwinds such as Russia’s war on Ukraine and China’s zero-Covid policy persist, said Finance Minister Zafrul Aziz. China is Malaysia’s largest trading partner, and disruptions to supply chains and trade will “dampen some of the growth expectations in the fourth quarter of this year for Malaysia,” he said.
SYDNEY: Syarikat farmaseutikal, Moderna bakal membina kemudahan menghasilkan vaksin menggunakan teknologi Messenger Asid Ribonukleik (mRNA) di Melbourne. Kemudahan yang pertama bagi hemisfera selatan itu bakal berpusat di salah satu universiti terbesar Australia, Monash, dan mampu menghasilkan 100 juta dos vaksin setahun bagi COVID-19, influenza dan penyakit lain
PARIS, Aug 17 — Hugelkultur is a horticultral method that allows a vegetable garden to be created on a mound of plant waste. There are many advantages to the technique, particularly when it comes to water retention. So much so that hugelkultur, or mound culture is catching on among gardeners in California, which is in the grip of an...
Driven by an increase in technology and outdated devices, their sustainability impacts, and the potential to regain usable metals and materials, the electronic waste management market is expected to grow at a significant clip, according to UnivDatos Market Insights.
An analysis of 57,000 foods reveals which have the best and worst environmental impacts. A team of researchers used an algorithm to estimate how much of each ingredient was in thousands of products sold in major UK supermarket chains. The scientists then gave food items an environmental-impact score out of 100 — with 100 being the worst — by combining the...
Blood pressure monitoring technology has come a long way in the century since the first inflatable cuff was introduced. Newer models offer digital readings and smartphone connectivity and have even begun to ditch the cuffs in favor of slimmed-down sensors.
MALAYSIA’S population is projected to increase to more than 45 million by 2050 hence, rising food demand and consumption. Potential threats such as food insecurity pose the question of, is the country ready? Food security is very important especially when it comes to a growing population.
Plastics play a major role in the "Green Deal" that aims to make Europe climate-neutral by 2050. EU initiatives for circular economy and bioeconomy promote recycling and bioplastics, whereas plastic waste and microplastics are to be restricted. Further, Europe wants to become less dependent on oil and gas imports.
In recent years, biotechnology has quickly assimilated into everyday life. The application of biotechnology is revolutionizing the domains of agriculture and the food business. Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary discipline with roots in many fields, including cell and molecular biology, physiology, immunology, microbiology, genetics, and chemical engineering.
This month, researchers announced that they have been culturing a mouse embryo model made entirely out of embryonic stem cells and without the use of a sperm and egg, or a uterus, for 8.5 days, about 2 days longer than previous experiments had achieved.
Researchers at UCLA have created an edible particle that helps make lab-grown meat, known as cultured meat, with more natural muscle-like texture using a process that could be scaled up for mass production.
TENAGA Nasional Bhd (TNB) targets to invest around RM20 billion per year over the next 28 years as capital expenditure (capex) for initiatives to fast-track TNB’s energy transition plan that aspires to reduce its emissions intensity to net zero by 2050.
NEW YORK, Aug 7 — When natural elements are integrated into buildings, it’s called biophilic design. For a few years now, greenery has been planted all around open workspaces in a bid to bring life back into offices. Plants can soothe, help combat stress and increase the creativity and productivity of employees.
Terazosin, a drug currently prescribed for patients with high blood pressure or enlarged prostates, may hold therapeutic potential to slow the progression of motor neuron diseases (MNDs) such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), according to new research findings.
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 12 (Bernama) -- The fifth-generation network (5G) technology will be the driving force in data-driven smart agriculture in Malaysia that will increase the quantity and quality of agriculture production in the country.
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 9 (Bernama) -- The government will launch the National Energy Policy 2021-2040 later this month to boost investment flows and advance Malaysia's sustainable development goals, said Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Economy) Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed.
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia provides various opportunities to multinational organisations given its strong economic fundamentals, including vibrant export activities and manufacturing capabilities. HSBC Malaysia multinationals global banking head Shreyas Krishna said these organisations could be a significant source of investment across various sectors of the country.
TEL AVIV, Aug 6 — Stem cell scientists say they have created “synthetic embryos” without using sperm, eggs or fertilisation for the first time, but the prospect of using such a technique to grow human organs for transplantation remains distant.
SERDANG, Aug 11 (Bernama) -- The agro-food sector provides wide business opportunities and prospects for young people, said Bank Pertanian Malaysia Bhd (Agrobank) chief development officer.
Banana peels aren't always destined for the trash or compost anymore. They're making their way onto people's plates, replacing pork in "pulled peel" sandwiches and getting fried up into "bacon." And now, researchers reporting in ACS Food Science & Technology show that incorporating banana peel flour into sugar cookie batter makes the treats more healthful. In taste tests, cookies enriched with...
KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 9): The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) on Tuesday (Aug 9) launched five National Technology Roadmaps to intensify Malaysia's efforts to become a technology developer, thus reducing dependence on foreign technology and labour.
In 2017, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) broke ground by approving the first drug with an embedded biosensor to track its use. Proteus Health’s Abilify MyCite had an ingestible sensor that could track if a patient consumed the drug.
SERDANG, Aug 9 (Bernama) -- The 2022 Malaysian Agriculture, Horticulture and Agro Tourism Exhibition (MAHA) 2022, held at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS), has recorded a sales value of more than RM10 million, as of yesterday (Aug 8).
CYBERJAYA, Aug 8 (Bernama) -- A pilot study conducted at the Cyberjaya Sewage Treatment Plant found that every 15 litres of raw sewage can produce 15 per cent butanol gas and 1.5 per cent ethanol.
MALAYSIA is expected to record stronger GDP growth in the second quarter of 2022 (2Q22), surpassing the 5% year-on-year (YoY) growth rate registered in 1Q22. Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) is set to announce the 2Q’s GDP numbers on Friday (Aug 12).  
The cells in your body are not all the same. Each of your organs has cells with very different functions. For example, liver cells are top-notch secretors, as their job requires them to make and export many of the proteins in your blood. By contrast, muscle cells are tasked with facilitating the contractions that allow you to move.
SERDANG (Aug 7): The Large-Scale SMART Paddy Field (SMART SBB) programme, first introduced in February last year, has successfully helped paddy farmers increase their productivity, said Agriculture and Food Industries Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ronald Kiandee.
KUALA LUMPUR: Going green and eco-friendly has been in the agenda of most tech companies, and Acer is one of them that is actively going this route for its line of products. In conjunction with its Acer Day 2022's 'Make Your Green Mark' theme, the company has introduced new Vero series commercial variants as well as the Acer Swift 5,...
In 2021, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) unveiled a new method for making animal feed from CO and nitrogen with Beijing Shoulang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. From 2021, the team partnered with a steelmaker to convert the plant’s tail gas into 5000 tons of feed-grade protein per year.
Imagine the world without a Covid-19 vaccine — three years into the pandemic and we would still be fighting a losing battle with the uncontainable virus, unending lockdowns, uncomfortable social distancing, widespread unemployment and catastrophic socioeconomic impacts.
Farmers are adopting precision agriculture, using data collected by GPS, satellite imagery, internet-connected sensors and other technologies to farm more efficiently. While these practices could help increase crop yields and reduce costs, the technology behind the practices is creating opportunities for extremists, terrorists and adversarial governments to attack farming machinery, with the aim of disrupting food production.
PHNOM PENH – Minister of Environment Say Samal praised a Cambodian enterprise that makes straws from rice and vegetable matter rather than plastic, which he said is overused around the world.
SERDANG, Aug 9 (Bernama) -- The Halal Economy Council (MEH) has launched the Halal Food Security Programme and Halal Farm Project Consortium which aimed to secure the halal food market industry ecosystem chain.
A study by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital has demonstrated a proof-of-concept model that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to combine multiple types of data from different sources, and predict patient outcomes for 14 different types of cancer. “This work sets the stage for larger health care AI studies that combine data from multiple sources,” said research lead Faisal...
Precision feeding is making inroads in all livestock species and, while most advances have been made so far in terrestrial farming of chicken, dairy cattle and other livestock, farming of fish, shrimp and more is catching up fast. But how far has the use of precision feeding, analytics and optimising feeding practices come in aquaculture and what’s ahead?
More and more countries are seeking greener energy and solutions to meet stricter environmental standards, and biofuels are emerging as a go-to energy source. As demand increases, so too do the challenges for energy producers, including diversity of feedstocks, reliability of equipment, ever-changing regulatory standards and low-carbon outputs.
The participation of more youths in agropreneurial ventures is expected to boost the nation’s food supply and food security levels as well as reduce its unemployment and poverty rates.
As we march into the third full year of the Covid-19 global pandemic, vaccine inequity looms as one of the greatest threats to global economic recovery. Low-income countries have been lagging far behind in terms of Covid-19 vaccination rates, which exacerbates socioeconomic inequality.
Several memoranda of understanding (MOU) involving investment value of more than RM4 billion will be signed during the Malaysian Agriculture, Horticulture and Agro Tourism Exhibition (MAHA) 2022 from Aug 4 to 14.
Malaysia has the potential to become the manufacturing hub for hydrogen fuel cells for the application in hydrogen mobility and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, the Malaysian Association of Hydrogen Energy (MAHE) said.
Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) plans to build new, cleaner power plants at existing Kapar and old Paka sites as it fast tracks its green energy blueprint announced last year to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. President and chief executive officer Datuk Baharin Din said TNB was looking at retiring certain coal-fired power plants earlier than the expiration of their...
The agricultural sector has grown but was still not strong enough to revive the region’s economy, according to the second annual Mekong Delta Economic Report 2022, released in Can Tho yesterday.
US-based clinical technology company InterVenn Biosciences has established Malaysia as the regional hub for delivery of its medical healthcare services and products in the Asean and Asia-Pacific regions.
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will continue to support the Government of Malaysia in accelerating technology adoption and innovation as laid out in the country's 12th Malaysia Plan to achieve Malaysia agenda for more sustainability for all.
People and businesses around the world used more power in 2021 than in the year before the pandemic, as lockdowns ended and energy demand bounced back, according to an analysis from BP. The surge in demand is the largest in history and has helped to propel the energy system into its most turbulent period since the oil crisis of the 1970s.
Companies in the UK are at the forefront of bringing to the market carbon-neutral eggs, cutting out bought-in feed, which typically makes up more than 85% of an egg’s carbon footprint.
As Steve Jobs once said, “The biggest innovation in the 21st would be the intersection of biology and technology”, it is no doubt that biotechnology has become the major focus of this decade.
More than half (56%) of employers share that their organisation needs help to train employees with relevant skills, with 24% ‘very open’ and 69% ‘somewhat open’ to sending their employees for training on sustainability
Imagine taking heaps and heaps of earth-polluting, unusable plastic waste and actually transforming it into something constructive?. Plastic pollution is a proliferating and increasingly overwhelming problem. By 2040, estimates indicate that as much as 710 million tons of solid plastic waste will clog up the earth's ecosystem, in oceans, rivers and on land.
A strategy for developing agricultural mechanisation and agro-forestry-fishery processing has been approved, aiming to turn Vietnam into one of the top 10 agricultural processing centres in the world by 2030.
A recent animal study shows that administering a genetically modified form of the SARS-CoV-2 spike proteinTrusted Source using a skin patch produced a potent neutralizing antibody response against the Omicron and Delta variants.
Nilai import makanan Malaysia dijangka lebih tinggi tahun ini melepasi paras tertinggi yang pernah direkodkan tahun lalu iaitu sebanyak RM63 bilion setahun. Timbalan Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Makanan I, Datuk Seri Ahmad Hamzah berkata, import makanan yang direkod negara pada suku pertama tahun ini sahaja sudah mencecah RM17.8 bilion.
British start-up Clean Food Group is developing a bio-equivalent cultivated alternative to palm oil. FoodNavigator hears from CEO Alex Neves to find out how.
Companies are exploring the potential of genetic engineering to boost the nutritional content, productivity and climatic adaptability of so-called orphan crops in the continent.
Global biopharmaceutical company Zenas BioPharma announced it has received approval of its Investigational New Drug (IND) application from the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) of China.
The Biotechnology Community of Interest released a study on the future of biotechnology in April, titled “Bio-Futures 2050: Defense Impacts and Opportunities.” Produced at the direction of the office of the undersecretary of defense for research and engineering, it identifies a range of biotechnologies likely to be part of everyone’s lives over the next 30 years.
As soon as Carolyn Armstrong started looking for plastic in her life, she realized it was absolutely everywhere. There are the plastic water bottles and straws, of course, but also makeup, clothing, laundry detergent, food wrappers and packaging.
A new technique to extract high-value bioactives such as Omega-3 fatty acids from single-cell algae oil has been described in a new paper authored by Australia’s Flinders University.
For years, there has been animated public discussion led by experts, popular media and assorted stakeholders in the value chain on the need for India to have a separate regulatory framework for medical devices. Yet, medical devices have continued to be yoked to the wider Drugs and Cosmetics act 1940 and were regulated as drugs upon being notified from...
Colgate, Lifebuoy, Dove and Sunsilk are the most chosen beauty and personal care brands in the world, but L’Oréal Paris is the ‘biggest online adopter’, according to Kantar Worldpanel’s 2022 Brand Footprint.
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia will step up efforts to use materials derived from commodity by-product to reduce waste and generate more revenue. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said biomass sources had been identified to produce value-added products.
WHILE speaking at a medical conference on hepatitis C in Penang some years ago, Tan Sri Dr Mohamed Ismail Merican, the former Director-General of Health, was approached by a woman who suspected she could have the disease.
KOTA TINGGI: A total of 27 out of 46 technology solutions to help curb the national food security issue are ready to be implemented immediately, says Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba.
KUALA LUMPUR: Kementerian Tenaga dan Sumber Asli (KeTSA) melancarkan Rancangan Fizikal Zon Pesisiran Pantai Negara-2 (RFZPPN-2) sebagai usaha memelihara dan memulihara ekosistem hutan paya laut, termasuk kawasan pesisir pantai negara, pada 14 Jun lalu.
MELAKA: Kementerian Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri (MITI) yakin prestasi eksport produk halal negara kembali kukuh dengan sasaran nilai eksport mencecah RM40 bilion tahun ini. Timbalan Menteri, Datuk Lim Ban Hong, berkata keyakinan itu berdasarkan pelbagai usaha dilakukan kementerian bagi pemulihan ekonomi pasca pandemik bersama-sama 13 agensinya termasuk Halal Development Corporation Berhad (HDC) yang menumpu kepada industri halal tempatan dan global.
“For all of these reasons, I have decided that the global monkeypox outbreak represents a public health emergency of international concern”, the World Health Organization’s Director, Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus, announced on Saturday during a press conference.
If sun protection is essential when packing your suitcase for the big vacation getaway, it's also wise to include moisturising products to combat the damaging effects of the sun. But forget cosmetics with lengthy formulas, as this year it's all about focusing on natural ingredients with powerful nourishing properties.
KUALA LUMPUR (July 26): China’s state-owned companies will collaborate with Malaysian firms as well as the Malaysian Palm Oil Board to produce oil palm-based products involving RM6 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI).
KUALA LUMPUR - The use of new technology will be able to help overcome labour issues in the agricommodity industry while increasing productivity, saving time and reducing costs, said Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba.
IHH Healthcare Bhd is looking to redefine itself as a healthcare provider instead of just a group of hospitals to keep up with ever-changing demand. According to its Group head of Operational Strategy and Integration Ashok Bajpai (picture), IHH needs to move away from its current model of focusing solely on hospital management and expand to include other aspects such as...
THE Selangor government has taken various steps to ensure the sustainability and stability of its food system is in line with the National Food Security Policy Action Plan 2021-2025. State infrastructure and public amenities, agriculture modernisation and agro-based industry committee chairman Izham Hashim said the measures were part of the ongoing Selangor Agro Transformation Plan (PeTA).
As the race for minerals frantically speeds up, driven by the ‘clean’ and ‘green’ energy revolution, the minerals become harder and harder to retrieve, and the percentage of waste to useful mineral grows and grows. “Over the past 40 years, ore grades—the concentration of the metal or mineral of value—have declined on average by half for many commodities, effectively...
KUALA LUMPUR, July 26 ― Malaysia’s economy is firmly on a recovery path supported by domestic activities and positive external demand. The economy is expected to grow steadily in 2022 and 2023 despite continuing challenges from rising cost pressures, the Russia-Ukraine military conflict and China’s strict containment measures of Covid-19, said Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) governor Tan Sri Nor Shamsiah...
With decreasing margins on the horizon, pharma manufacturers have long shown an interest in specialty generics, which is only expected to rise in the future. Despite this, specialty generics are expected to be the domain of a handful of companies with the necessary manufacturing capabilities and legal backing needed for entering the market.
Microalgae are increasingly being studied as an alternative to fishmeal in aquafeed production. Their net biomass productivity is higher than that of any other terrestrial plant or animal. Unlike land-based plants, there is no need for microalgae to grow in fertile land. Further, microalgae can be cultivated using seawater or wastewater. The nutrient requirement to grow microalgae is relatively...
The Can Manufacturers Insitute (CMI) published the targets back in November last year. Even though the aluminum beverage can is already the most recycled beverage container in the US with a 45 percent recycling rate in 2020, the CMI members aim for much higher recycling rates within the next ten years.
SOUTH-EAST Asia region is well positioned to capitalise on the export economy, according to eBay’s South-East Asia Small Online Business Trade Report. South-East Asia region has close to 99% SMEs exports on eBay, 25 average number of destinations across the region, 68% SMEs export to more than 10 markets on average, 70% share coming from newcomers.
While humans evolved over a period of approximately 6 million years, breakthroughs in modern medicine as we know it today got going only in the 19th and 20th centuries. So how did humans successfully survive through millions of years of diseases and illnesses without modern drugs and treatments?
When Dong-Fang Deng and her students make feed for the fish they raise at UWM's School of Freshwater Sciences, they often use ground fishmeal—dried fish parts from fisheries or wild catch—as the protein source.
Hydrogen fuel cells hold a lot of promise as sustainable and eco-friendly energy sources to power transportation by land, air and sea. But traditional catalysts used to drive chemical reactions in hydrogen fuel cells are too costly and inefficient to justify a large-scale commercial shift away from existing technologies.
KUALA LUMPUR: Kementerian Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi (MOSTI) sedia menjadi pemudah cara kepada usahawan pertanian untuk menggalakkan mereka mengadaptasi teknologi pertanian pintar pada peringkat awal.
LONDON, July 27 (Reuters) - The oldest patient yet has been cured of HIV after receiving a stem cell transplant for leukaemia, researchers reported on Wednesday. While the transplant was planned to treat the now-66-year-old's leukaemia, the doctors also sought a donor who was naturally resistant to the virus that causes AIDS, a mechanism that first worked to cure the...
Among natural products, curcumin is one of the busiest areas of scientific research, as everyone along the chain—suppliers, brands, retailers, consumers and others in between—seek to unlock more of the botanical substance’s health potential.
Despite the challenges facing the automotive industry in 2021, it was a record year for zero and ultra-low emission vehicles. UK data shows that, as of January 2022, one in five buyers purchased an electric vehicle (EV) and this trend is expected to continue.1 The same data shows that average new car CO2 emissions fell by 11.2% to 119.7g/km2 in 2021, its...
MALAYSIA’S economy is cranking up after the pandemic. Land borders with Singapore have reopened, bringing in millions of visitors. Kuala Lumpur’s notorious traffic jams are back and shoppers are flocking to malls.
KUALA LUMPUR (July 19): Ageing is an inevitable part of life. As our parents grow older, they become sick, weak and frail. While elderly care can be difficult with its many demands, it is still important to provide them what they deserve for their own health, safety, and well-being.
SEMPORNA (July 18): The wide expanse of green, white, yellow and purple stretching out as far as the eyes can see is a sight to behold for anyone taking the 20-minute boat ride to Pulau Sangaban, near here.
KUALA LUMPUR (July 20): Malaysia’s clean energy transition for the power sector will bring about robust investments and create more job opportunities. Energy and Natural Resources Minister Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan said the government targets an accumulative direct investment of RM53 billion or US$12 billion, and 47,000 job opportunities to be created through the transition.
The Covid-19 pandemic, interruption in international supply chains, and the war in Ukraine have severely disrupted food, fuel, and fertiliser markets, which are interlinked. By June 2022 the number of acute food insecure people – whose access to food in the short term has been restricted to the point that their lives and livelihoods are at risk – increased...
After a period of stagnant sales largely because of increased competition and pricing pressures, the generic drug industry took another hit during the coronavirus pandemic. In its 10-K annual report to the Securities and Exchange Commission, generics giant Teva described how the pandemic impacted sales of its copycat drugs. The company noted that "supply discontinuities due to regulatory actions, labor disturbances...
NEW YORK, July 17 — According to a study by a major US consulting firm, the plant-based meat industry represents one of the most effective means of driving down greenhouse gas emissions, ahead of electric vehicles.
CARBON neutrality is becoming increasingly prevalent and Malaysia is at a crossroads in its climate change mitigation pathway, aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. A consensus derived from the Paris Agreement, of which Malaysia is one of 195 signatories, is seen as a target that must be met cooperatively in order to limit global warming to 1.5°C.
GENEVA, July 20 — Europe’s current heatwave is breaking records, detrimentally impacting people’s health, the economy, agricultural production, and tourism, and the trend is likely to become more frequent for decades.
UCREST Bhd and Malaysian Genomics Resources Centre Bhd (MGRC) signed a collaborative agreement to integrate genomic testing services into the digital health platform, iMedic™️, elevating healthcare services to the next level. UCrest CEO Eg Kah Yee said a virtual genome service centre will be developed under this agreement on iMedic™️ enabling the genomic testing services of MGRC to be made available...
It's no secret that the planet is in danger. But, when that alarmingly-familiar idea comes to mind, many people probably think of deforestation, climate change, or big-business accidents like oceanic oil spills. Perhaps surprisingly, aquaculture has recently earned a place on the list of threats to the environment — a conundrum investors are actively working to remedy.  
Environmental susceptibility is a growing concern that involves many actors in the building field. Special consideration must be given to the choice of materials when planning construction projects. Material availability, pollutant content, and potential for reuse or recycling are all factors connected with CO2 reduction. The latter topic has received particular attention in cement production, and so the recycling...
Since the start of COVID-19 pandemic, Malaysia has seen an increased, steady demand for digital services. This inevitably resulted in more demand for data, which prompted businesses to start analyzing their data so they can create better products and digital services that cater to the needs of consumers. Furthermore, modern digital infrastructures continue to evolve towards supporting Industry 4.0...
BANGLADESH’S first homegrown COVID-19 vaccine has obtained clearance for human trials in Phase I, reported Xinhua.  The Bangavax vaccine, developed by local pharmaceutical company Globe Biotech, on Sunday received clearance from the Directorate-General of Drug Administration under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare after the relevant authorities reviewed all the documents on all the previous trials. 
KUALA LUMPUR: The demand for palm oil is expected to stay strong in 2022, especially in the food sector, with the reopening of economic sectors and international borders, said the Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin.
KUALA LUMPUR (July 19): The government is now focusing on accelerating the transition from the concept of solid waste management in a linear economy to a circular economy to holistically address the increase in the generation of solid waste.
Back in the early 1990s, I spent a lot of free time playing computer games, and one in particular that really caught my attention was a game called Frontier: Elite II. You owned a spaceship and you were free to explore an entire galaxy of stars and planets in whichever way you wished: as a peaceful merchant, an asteroid miner, a...
At some point in your life, you’ll likely find yourself with a prescription from your doctor to fill. While it’s important to keep track of all the medications you’re taking, that can be hard to do when the names of so many of these drugs are difficult to pronounce and even harder to remember.
SUNGAI BESAR (July 15): The Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) has developed a new variety of specialty rice called MARDIRiceAroma (MARIA) which is said to mature faster and yield more compared with earlier varieties.
Emerging contaminants, sometimes termed as contaminants of emerging concern (or CECs), are a group of chemicals which are present in the environment in initially low concentrations, but which can bioaccumulate over time and pose potential problems for the flora and fauna around them.
India's bioeconomy is likely to touch USD 150 billion by 2025 and over USD 300 billion by 2030, a report said on Tuesday. The India BioEconomy Report 2022, based on the data on biotech sector's contribution to the economy, has been brought out by the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC).
Researchers at the Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at UCLA have developed a first-of-its-kind roadmap detailing how stem cells become sensory interneurons -; the cells that enable sensations like touch, pain and itch.
Bustanica has opened the doors to the world’s largest hydroponic farm, backed by an investment of US$40m. The facility is the first vertical farm for Emirates Crop One, the joint venture between Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC), one of the world’s largest catering operations serving more than 100 airlines, and Crop One, an industry leader in technology-driven indoor vertical farming.
Active Energy Group has been awarded a patent by the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia for the process for beneficiating and cleaning biomass. The renewable energy company had applied for the patent for its CoalSwitch biomass project in 2018, according to a Monday, July 18, filing. The patent is valid until May 2038.
PETALING JAYA, 12 JULY 2022 – Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Berhad (“Malaysian Genomics” or “the Group”; Bursa: MGRC, 0155), a leading genomics and biopharmaceutical specialist, announced today that the Group is proposing to undertake a private placement of up to 10% of its total number of issued shares or up to 12.42 million new placement shares at an issue price to be...
KUALA LUMPUR: Kementerian Kesihatan membenarkan penggunaan beberapa produk perubatan mengandungi kanabis atau  ganja dikenali sebagai cannabidiol (CBD) pada tahun depan.
GRACE Communications Foundation recently released new tools to help consumers, students, researchers, and policymakers understand the water footprint of food. The two tools—a quiz and resource guide—offer information about the amount of water it takes to produce food, also known as a water footprint. The Water Footprint of Food Quiz, composed of seven questions, tests people’s understanding of the relationship...
A biodegradable debit card partially made of sea salt, a sea snail holding the key to biodegradable bullet-proof vests, Pirelli adding lignin as reinforcing filler in tires – some perfect summer time innovations.
MALAYSIAN owners of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are optimistic about their future economic and business growth prospects and have been hiring aggressively.  This is according to the recent BrioHR Employment Index which aggregates data from over 16,000 employees to assess the state of employment in the SME sector. 
KUALA LUMPUR: Substantial pricing power is critical in helping healthcare players better weather through this high inflationary period, said Hong Leong Investment Bank Bhd (HLIB Research). The research house said that while there have been increasing concerns about cost inflation eroding profits, the firm thinks that hospital operators are likely to emerge from this unscathed.
KUALA LUMPUR (July 13): Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob has welcomed the proposal by Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Agriculture, Abdulrahman Abdulmohsen A AlFadley, to cooperate with Malaysia in the food security framework.
Industry committee members at the European Parliament have voted to restrict soy oil as a feedstock for biofuel production. This action will place the crop in the same category as palm oil in the EU. MEPs took the decision due to concerns over the environmental impact of soy cultivation in countries outside of Europe, Euractiv reported.
The promotion of a bioeconomy is high on the agenda for many countries globally, as a major strategic driver for the transformation of biobased sectors for sustainable economic growth and development. A central feature of the bioeconomy is that scientific research, knowledge and innovation can be applied not only for the production of food, feed, fibre and fuel but...
WASHINGTON: Moderna Inc (Moderna) memaklumkan ia sedang membangunkan dua jenis vaksin COVID-19 bagi menentang varian Omicron, satu bagi varian BA.1 dan satu lagi khusus untuk varian BA.4 serta BA.5.
THE Johor Agriculture Department hopes to sell more than RM2.2bil worth of durian this year with 32% of fruits coming from Johor. Its deputy director for development Mohd Hafiz Ramly said Johor was one of the largest durian producers in the country, with more than 30,000 durian farmers to date.
JAKARTA: Indonesia aims to implement a 35% palm oil mix in biodiesel, known as B35, by the end of the month to help absorb excess palm oil supply, says senior energy ministry official Dadan Kusdiana.
Selepas dunia dilanda pandemik COVID 19 sehingga menyukarkan kehidupan manusia, dunia sekali lagi menghadapi bencana ekonomi dengan kesan langsung kepada manusia ialah peningkatan harga barang mendadak. Peningkatan berkali ganda ini bukan membabitkan barangan mewah, tetapi barangan asasi, iaitu keperluan seharian manusia. Di negara ini, harga minyak masak berasaskan sawit meningkat sekali ganda, bekalan ayam terputus dan jika adapun harganya meningkat...
A recent study published in the journal Science shows that mosaic-8, a nanoparticle-based vaccine candidate, could confer broad protection against SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and other related coronaviruses.
WE’VE been discussing food safety and security for decades. To address these troubling problems, the Agriculture and Food Industry Ministry committed to both financial resources and personal resources.
HELSINKI, July 13 — Is sand the material that could one day replace lithium in batteries for renewable energy technologies? Such is the idea of a team of Finnish engineers who have developed a new kind of battery.
THE start of the "Decade of Action" to achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) has also marked the start of an unprecedented period of overlapping crises. The Covid-19 pandemic and crises of conflict, hunger, climate change and environmental degradation are mutually compounding, pushing millions into acute poverty, health, and food insecurity.
More than just inexpensive substitutes, generic drugs offer a glimpse into certain issues that pharmaceutical companies are facing now. While consumers depend on generics as a low-cost alternative to brand medications, the category is a complex one that is enduring the usual challenges plus some unusual barriers to success. Meanwhile, the state of the generics category is also benefiting...
The ‘Testing actions for sustainable farming’ initiative (TSF) has been rolled out as the next step in Scotland’s £51 million National Test Programme launched earlier this year with the ‘Preparing for Sustainable Farming’ offer of financial support to farmers and crofters undertaking carbon audit and soil analysis.
Scientists have developed a technique to remove phosphorus from wastewater at higher temperatures than is possible using existing techniques, by using bacteria to store the chemical.
KUALA LUMPUR: Duopharma Biotech Bhd has teamed up with US-based food-tech company, The Live Green Co., to explore the use of plant ingredients and technology to replace animal, synthetic and ultra-processed ingredients.
We all have seen the bait-and-switch trick: something is advertised at a low price, only to tell the customer that the item is out of stock and push a higher priced product. This is not what this month’s column is about.
The agriculture sector grows and adds value. A calf bought at the market is nurtured into a milking cow that delivers liters of health and value to consumers. One simple seed, with the right care and attention, flourishes into a high-yield crop and literally puts bread on the table. Yet when it comes to data, there is a struggle...
Renewables are expected to account for 22 percent of U.S. electricity generation this year, increasing to 24 percent in 2023, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s latest Short-Term Energy Outlook, released July 13. Renewables accounted for 20 percent of U.S. electricity generation in 2021.
SHAH ALAM,July 4 (Bernama) – The GeoTanaman and GeoTanih systems can help farmers to strengthen the national food chain, especially by making the food crop sub-sector more efficient and sustainable to reduce the impact of food crisis, said Datuk Seri Dr Ronald Kiandee.
The genomics and biopharmaceutical specialist’s wholly-owned subsidiary, MGRC Therapeutics (MGRCT), is collaborating with Rinani Genotec (Genotec) to offer sports-based genetic tests.
There is still argument over why we have failed to deliver food security in this country. With the current inflation, economists predict gloomy times ahead if the issues of high fuel and food costs are not addressed. Going by the forecasts made by experts, the oil price is not going to decrease anytime soon.
SPOT crude palm oil (CPO) price in Malaysia has fallen 30% to RM4,698/metric tonne (MT) since Indonesia removed its export ban on May 23 from a peak of circa RM8,500/MT – a stark illustration of how Indonesia’s excess palm oil capacity can be a bane to Malaysia’s CPO price.
KUALA LUMPUR (July 7): Demand for digital-related positions in the country increased 300% in 2021 compared to the previous year, of which 20% were to be filled by new graduates, says Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Dr Noraini Ahmad.
JAKARTA - The Asean Health Ministers and Economic Ministers have adopted the jointly developed Asean Pharmaceutical Regulatory Policy (APRP) that provides a basis for structuring regulatory systems for pharmaceutical products across the region.
KUALA LUMPUR: Even though premium Sarawak foodstuff is in high demand, locals are still hesitant to pursue a career in farming, Sarawak entrepreneurs say. Brendan Kon, founder and managing director of Kenyalang – a company that sells Sarawak-grown rice, including a fragrant variety called biris – said biris was popular some 30 to 40 years ago, but has since gone...
KUALA LUMPUR, July 6 (Bernama) -- A green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic in Southeast Asia has the potential to create US$172 billion (RM760. 2 billion) in investment opportunities annually and generate more than 30 million jobs by 2030, according to the Asian Development Bank (ADB).
DOVER, July 4 — On a bright moonlit night, a team of scientists and volunteers head out to a protected beach along the Delaware Bay to survey horseshoe crabs that spawn in their millions along the US East Coast from late spring to early summer.
While there has been – and will continue to be – a degree of consolidation and vertical integration in the shrimp supply chain, a large part of the farming is still undertaken by independent farmers. And a dedicated session will discuss ways – backed up by case studies – that these smallholder farmers can meet the increasingly stringent demands of both local...
NEW DELHI: India imposed a ban on many single-use plastics on Friday in a bid to tackle waste choking rivers and poisoning wildlife, but experts say it faces severe headwinds from unprepared manufacturers and consumers unwilling to pay more.
SOUTH-EAST Asia’s (SEA) green recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic has the potential to create US$172 billion (RM760 billion) investment opportunities and generate more than 30 million jobs by 2030.
It’s a tough time for biotech. A market correction is underway. Layoffs have beset the sector. And funding as well as M&A are down across the board. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty going on in labs around the country. Lab vacancy for the life sciences market fell to 5.3% in the first quarter of year, according to market intelligence group CBRE...
COVID-19 vaccine acceptance increased 3.7% between 2020 and 2021, according to a new study. In a June 2021 survey of over 23,000 individuals across 23 countries, the researchers found that more than three-quarters (75.2%) of respondents reported vaccine acceptance, up from 71.5% one year earlier.
The construction of a 6,000-litre bioreactor in Singapore has commenced. From 2023, tens of thousands of kgs of cultivated chicken meat should be produced every year. Good Meat, which forms part of the US company Eat Just, has initiated this bioreactor. NRC reports that Mirte Gosker from the Asian department of the international think tank, Good Food Institute, says that scaling...
KANGAR, July 4 (Bernama) -- Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) and E-Idaman Sdn Bhd (E-Idaman) today signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in assisting the government manage solid waste.
KUALA LUMPUR, July 4 (Bernama) -- Malaysia Digital (MD) is a new phase to take Malaysia to the next 25 years in driving the country's digital economy, said Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa.
An “all-in-one” vaccine currently in development could protect people from future Covid-19 variants, as well as SARS, MERS and new strains of other coronaviruses from other animals, a study by researchers at the California Institute of Technology found.
The production of wild and farm-raised fish, shellfish and algae reached record levels in 2020, and future increases could be vital to fighting world hunger, the Food and Agriculture Organization said Wednesday.
It’s a great time to have a pet these days with Gucci’s new luxury line for pampered pooches using renewable raw materials and Manhatten fur babies can now frolic on soy-based artificial grass. For those musically inclined, there’s a new line of instruments using biobased materials like eggshells, mushrooms and honeycomb.
KUALA LUMPUR: Bank Negara raised the overnight policy rate (OPR) by another 25 basis points (bps) to 2.25% following the conclusion of its latest monetary policy committee (MPC) meeting, in line with the expectations of most economists.
Researchers from the Institute of Industrial Science at the University of Tokyo, Japan, have developed a new antibody-based compact skin patch that can quickly detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus without needing a blood sample.
From health-related expenses to greenhouse gas emissions, there are huge hidden costs associated with food in the U.S. These were uncovered by a recent Rockefeller Foundation report. It concluded that true costs are more than three times current food expenditures and described the U.S. food system as “broken.” The report called for urgent holistic and transformational change.
Rocketry, aviation, and shipping are powered by energy-dense fossil fuels that are hard to replace. Researchers headed by a team at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab and the Technical University Denmark now report that they have discovered a way to generate an alternative biofuel that can replace rocket and jet fuels, by harvesting an unusual carbon molecule produced by the...
HISTORY shows that Malaysia has never been short of policies related to agriculture or food. Ironically, the policy abundance has proven to be insufficient to ensure food security. Past policies have proven inconsistent in terms of self-sufficiency targets and many major food items still rely on import supplementations. Food items with 100% or more self-sufficiency levels still rely on significant...
MULTINATIONAL medical equipment manufacturing company Smith+Nephew is supporting its orthopaedics business with the extension of its new high-technology manufacturing facility in Batu Kawan Industrial Park, Penang.
KUALA LUMPUR: The Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry (Mosti) will promote the use of biofertilisers and various technologies to improve nutrient absorption and soil conservation to increase crop yield. The ministry, on Tuesday, said these products were able to shield farmers from the rising cost of fertilisers due to a global supply shortage of raw materials.
KUALA LUMPUR, June 28 — Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) should continue to diversify its gas and coal sources in order to sustain its cash flow amid the sharp rise in fuel and other electricity generation costs, said analysts.
GOOD Meat announced this week that it has broken ground on its 30,000 square–foot production centre in Singapore. It will be the largest cultivated meat facility in Asia.Once operational in early 2023 the facility will house a 6,000–litre bioreactor, which will have the capacity to produce tens of thousands of pounds of meat from cells without slaughtering a single animal,...
JUNE 29 ― Older persons are highly visible across Asia and the Pacific: they work in agricultural fields producing our food supplies, peddle their wares as street vendors, drive tuk-tuks and buses, exercise in our parks, lead some of the region’s most successful companies and form an integral part of our families.
The loss of apoptotic control allows cancer cells to survive longer and gives more time for the accumulation of mutations which can increase invasiveness during tumor progression, stimulate angiogenesis, deregulate cell proliferation, and interfere with differentiation. Researchers devised a new approach to treat cancer without any obvious side effects to normal cells. This study in mice used a plasma...
The country’s largest power producer, Tenaga Nasional Berhad has an ambitious target of abandoning coal and fossil fuel from its list of materials used for power generation to greener sources, like wind, hydro and solar. With a target date set for 2050, TNB has 28 years to achieve its carbon net-zero goal without compromising the sustainable electricity supply to...
Rome – A robust and well-integrated global agrifood system can help all countries withstand unprecedented challenges, as evidenced during the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 when global agrifood markets proved to be remarkably resilient.
Last Friday, the World Health Organization (WHO) launched updated guidelines for the treatment of hepatitis C, calling for testing and treatment to be delivered in peripheral and community-based facilities and integrating these with available care services.
KUALA LUMPUR (June 28): Food Security Committees at the state and district levels will be set up to ensure the federal and state governments can implement the National Food Security Policy Action Plan 2021-2025 in a synergistic manner, said Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.
KUALA LUMPUR: PETRONAS memeterai Memorandum Persefahaman (MoU) dengan Mitsui & Co Ltd bagi kajian konsep dan kebolehlaksanaan ke atas rantaian nilai penyerapan dan penyimpanan karbon (CCS), termasuk penilaian tapak penyimpanan karbon dioksida (CO2) di Malaysia.
PETALING JAYA: Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, has broken into the global top 30 best student cities to live in. According to the latest QS Best Student Cities Ranking 2023, Kuala Lumpur is now placed 28th globally.
The first ever treatment for broken heart syndrome – also known as Takotsubo cardiomyopathy – is to be trialled by researchers at the University of Aberdeen. Scientists will trial a programme of exercise conditioning and psychological therapy for people who have been diagnosed with the condition following a £300,000 grant from the British Heart Foundation.
Paris/Rome - The global agrifood sector faces fundamental challenges over the coming decade, particularly the need to feed an ever-increasing population in a sustainable manner, the impacts of the climate crisis and the economic consequences and disruptions to food supply linked to the war in Ukraine, according to a report released today by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the...
This month I spoke with two global brand owner companies regarding their sustainable packaging efforts. One is a well-known cereal company. The other is a designer of men’s clothes that sells through its own stores as well as high end department stores.
PUTRAJAYA: Pemulihan ekonomi Malaysia kekal meyakinkan dengan trend yang lebih baik ditunjukkan oleh prestasi makroekonomi negara pada April 2022 di sebalik ketidaktentuan global. Ketua Perangkawan Malaysia, Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Uzir Mahidin, berkata lebih dua tahun selepas krisis kesihatan global yang tidak pernah berlaku sebelum ini mengubah landskap sosioekonomi dunia secara ketara, negara seterusnya melaksanakan proses pemulihan melalui strategi peralihan...
Adult cancer survivors are at a higher risk of heart and cardiovascular diseases than people in the general population, according to a new study. The research published in the journal Journal of the American College of Cardiology, led by scientists at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, showed that people who have survived cancer are at a 42% higher risk of cardiovascular...
“My favorite part of Iceland's renewable energy story is that it started small. It started with innovation, entrepreneurship,” Halla Hrund Logadottir, the Director-General of Iceland’s National Energy Authority (INEA), said in an extensive interview for my Electric Ladies Podcast during my whirlwind tour of their clean energy technologies recently. “In terms of how has this developed, originally organically and then supported by...
An international team of researchers conducting a long-term study has found that climate-friendly farming practices could lead to higher crop yields, reduced costs and improved local ecosystems. In their paper published in the journal Nature Sustainability, the group describes 30 long-running farming experiments designed to improve farming practices in Europe and Africa.
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians will be facing greater food security issues as food items, even eating out, will be more expensive, FSMOne Malaysia. FSMOne research manager Jason Wong said food supplies could be tighter than before, which might lead to a limited quantity being sold to consumers.
Ten years ago, Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna published the study that paved the way for a new kind of genome editing: the suite of technologies now known as CRISPR. Writing in Science, they adapted an RNA-mediated bacterial immune defense into a targeted DNA-altering system.
Significant growth in aquaculture has driven global fisheries and aquaculture production to a record high as aquatic foods make an increasingly critical contribution to food security and nutrition in the 21st century, according to a report from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) released on 29 June.
NEW YORK, June 28 ― Pineapple, vanilla and sugarcane may evoke an ingredient list for a delicious tropical cocktail but they also have something else in common: their residues can all be recycled for a good cause.
MALAYSIA’S productivity growth rebounded to 1.8% last year with RM90,697 per person compared to -5.3% at RM89,106 per person in 2020. International Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Datuk Lim Ban Hong said the overall growth of subsectors under the nine Productivity Nexus rebounded to the average of 3.3% last year from -5.1% in 2020.
Growing biopharmaceutical industry interest in data-driven production is impacting all parts of the supply chain. Which, when looked at from another perspective, means suppliers can determine whether drugmakers’ digitization strategies are a success. Analysis by Deloitte indicates that use of cloud, AI, and wearable technologies in the plant has increased markedly in recent years, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted normal...
KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 (Bernama) -- FGV Holdings Bhd (FGV) remains committed to investing and expanding toward a broader range of sustainable and synergised agribusinesses, and aims to move into higher value-added business activities to achieve more stable returns.
PETALING JAYA: A “circular economy” on recycling should be the way forward for Malaysians as they use and consume products that minimises our use of raw materials, say environmental NGOs. Senior Research Officer of Sahabat Alam Malaysia Mageswari Sangaralingam said a domino effect would occur when recyclable items were thrown away instead of being reused or recycled, which in turn...
KUALA LUMPUR, June 23 (Bernama) -- The 'Make Halal Your Top Choice' campaign is hoped to increase the country's halal exports, besides attracting more direct investment into the halal industry and creating quality employment opportunities for Malaysians.
Novartis has endorsed the ‘Kigali Declaration’ on neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) by announcing a five-year financial commitment of $250m. The Kigali Summit on Malaria and NTDs is currently running alongside the 26th Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM) meeting.
Photosynthesis has evolved in plants for millions of years to turn water, carbon dioxide, and the energy from sunlight into plant biomass and the foods we eat. This process, however, is very inefficient, with only about 1% of the energy found in sunlight ending up in the plant.
It is becoming increasingly obvious that moving away from fossil fuels and avoiding the accumulation of plastics in the environment are key to addressing the challenge of climate change. In that vein, there are considerable efforts to develop degradable or recyclable polymers made from non-edible plant material referred to as "lignocellulosic biomass."
KUALA LUMPUR: Kerajaan bersetuju melaksanakan beberapa tindakan bagi meningkatkan daya tahan dan kesediaan negara menghadapi impak perubahan iklim, kata Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob. Perdana Menteri berkata, ini berikutan Malaysia terdedah kepada impak perubahan iklim seperti hujan lebat yang menyebabkan fenomena banjir besar susulan iklim berkelembapan tinggi, selain turut disumbang oleh faktor bentuk muka bumi.
KUALA LUMPUR (June 21): Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has stressed that efforts to strengthen the country's public health system must be made from now, to enable his ministry to address public health problems in the coming years.
A research team from the University of Birmingham has discovered a group of acylhydrazone-based polymers, which may be critical in encouraging bacteria to form growth-promoting ecosystems. The bacteria generated from these synthetic polymers could potentially be utilised to coat the roots of plant seedlings, which would result in stronger, healthier plants, and higher crop yields in agriculture.
KUALA LUMPUR: Petronas Chemicals Group Bhd (PCG) has signed an agreement with its joint venture (JV) company, BASF Petronas Chemicals Sdn Bhd (BPC), to acquire the 113 kilo-tonnes per annum (ktpa) maleic anhydride (MAn) plant located in Gebeng, Kuantan.
As the idea of a four-day work week continues to gain traction across Southeast Asia, new Qualtrics research reveals 60% of full-time employees in the region would prefer the flexibility to work whenever they want over one less day at work (37%). For workers in Malaysia, the preference for flexibility was slightly greater, with 62% opting for it over...
LONDON: Firma Bioteknologi Amerika Syarikat (AS), Moderna, akan membina pusat penyelidikan dan pembuatan baharu yang berpusat di Britain bagi membangunkan vaksin varian baharu COVID-19 dan penyakit lain, kata kerajaan hari ini.
Kuala Kangsar: Teknologi terkini dalam sektor pertanian dilihat sebagai jalan terbaik memastikan kelangsungan bekalan makanan di negara ini terjamin melalui impak pengeluaran makanan yang lebih besar, meningkatkan pendapatan petani, penggunaan sumber dan input pertanian lebih cekap.
PARIS, June 18 — Light years away from the tech used to develop more sustainable materials, a fibre used in textiles for centuries, hemp, is gradually making a comeback in our wardrobes. The fashion industry is increasingly interested in its strong potential as an environmentally-friendly alternative to other materials, as well as its numerous advantages.
KUALA LUMPUR (June 19): Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia Bhd (Angkasa) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Indian Farmers Fertiliser Co-operative Limited (IFFCO). The MoU is aimed at opening more business opportunities to the co-operative movements in Malaysia and India in the agriculture, agro-based and plantation industries.
In today’s increasingly complex climate, emergency response plans (ERP) and business continuity management systems (BCM) are major plans organisations prepare to mitigate and overcome the ever-changing threats and crises. While emergency response plans are crucial to save human lives,  business Continuity ( including incident response plans ) is important to minimize the impact of unexpected outcomes that might shock...
While a “waterfall of capital” might come into the aquaculture sector in the near future, there’s a danger that it might not be sufficient to grow the sector in line with demands for blue foods.
The largest, highest quality analysis of data ever conducted reveals that genetically modified Bt corn has little impact on nontarget insects and other organisms, especially compared to growing conventional corn. This study was published June 6 in Environmental Evidence by a USDA Agricultural Research Service scientist and his Swiss colleagues.
KUALA LUMPUR: The halal industry is gaining traction globally, with more people across the globe growing an appetite for halal-certified food and beverages. Consumers, therefore, no longer view halal recognition as a religious concept but as a quality standard of the products they consume.
The medical device market is diverse, fast-moving, and powered by dynamic customer needs and ongoing demand. Anticipated to reach $734.39 billion by 2027, the market is a land of both opportunity and risk for enthusiastic, innovative developers. Understanding the most common challenges device developers face, and how to successfully navigate them, can provide the competitive edge an entrepreneur needs to succeed...
ALOR SETAR: The poultry industry is now in the process of returning production capacity to the maximum level to ensure the country does not face the lack of poultry supply as before. Agriculture and Food Industries Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ronald Kiandee said the country’s chicken production capacity reached 106% before facing the shortage of chicken supply occurred two to...
Insect Engineers is officially opening its Insect School at the end of June. By being both a website and a practical testing site, Insect School aims to serve as the main knowledge hub and meeting place for the insect industry. In this way, Insect School wants to play a major role in helping the insect protein market grow, with...
PUTRAJAYA –  Kementerian Pertanian dan Industri Makanan (MAFI) menjangkakan 100 syarikat pemula dan perusahaan kecil dan sederhana (PKS) sedia ada atau baharu dalam sektor pertanian, perindustrian dan penjagaan kesihatan  akan menyertai Program Bio-based Accelerator (BBA) menjelang suku kedua tahun 2023.
KUALA LUMPUR (June 13): The Health Ministry (MOH) has taken several temporary solutions to overcome the medicine supply shortage at private clinics and hospitals, as well as community pharmacies in the country.
SEPANG: There is great potential for dragon fruits, just like the durian. Sepang Dragon Fruit Association chairman Lee Chin Heng said the fruit was meant for something bigger following strong support from the Agriculture and Food Industries Ministry.
Today’s plastics deliver numerous benefits, without doubt. And they are a key material in innovations. But they also are one of the biggest challenges for the waste management industry. They are responsible for the high CO2 levels in incinerators. They contaminate biowaste streams. And they present a certain challenge for recyclers.
PUTRAJAYA, June 16 — Developing idle land belonging to individuals, agencies or state governments for agriculture is among the approaches to be taken by the government to ensure national food security.
PETALING JAYA: Pharmaniaga Bhd bakal mengembangkan kehadirannya di negara lain terutama Afrika melalui pembekalan vaksin Sinovac COVID-19, sekali gus mampu mengulangi prestasi kewangan yang direkodkan tahun lalu.
Tiga komponen utama dalam sekuriti makanan merangkumi pengeluaran yang cukup, penawaran stabil dan juga segmen penduduk terpencil turut mempunyai capaian kepada makanan. Interpretasi dan terjemahan konsep sekuriti makanan berbeza mengikut tahap. Pada tahap antarabangsa, ia bermaksud tanggungjawab semua negara untuk memastikan pasaran dan harga makanan yang stabil.
KUALA LUMPUR: All oil palm growers, regardless of their plantation size, have been urged to switch from chemical fertilisers to optimum usage of organic fertilisers. Plantation Industries and Commodities (MPIC) Minister Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin said besides giving good yields to planters, using organic fertilisers could also boost food security and any consideration given to embrace safe food production could protect...
KUALA LUMPUR: Kementerian Pertanian dan Industri Makanan (MAFI) bersedia menambah baik dan mengolah semula Pelan Tindakan membabitkan komoditi makanan bagi meningkatkan tahap sara diri (SSL) untuk memastikan sekuriti makanan dalam negara terjamin.
Biosimilars are medications that are developed to be highly similar to original branded reference products, providing similar safety and efficacy in treatment. They have become welcome market disrupters as it relates to life-threatening and chronic diseases, as they can provide additional treatment options and wider access to therapy for patients facing difficult conditions.
PUTRAJAYA (June 14): The National Recovery Council (MPN) is of the view that there is an urgent need to strengthen the feed industry so that the country achieves a self-sufficiency level, and the cost of feed input is more manageable and not affected by external factors.
ALGAE biomass is an energy-rich feedstock that can help support our planet in a sustainable way. Realising its full potential can only be achieved through collaboration, so several experts initiated an algae biotechnology research group.
KUALA LUMPUR, June 13 — Logos are instant brand messages brands send to their consumers. They build brand identity and display the company’s personality. When done right, logos make a company memorable, build consumer trust and eventually help the brand to increase its sales and revenue.
A team of scientists from Children's Medical Research Institute (CMRI) in Sydney have developed a new way to improve targeting of specific organs and tissue types in gene therapy—making this innovative gene delivery technology more efficient and described as having "massive potential" for the field.
STOCKHOLM, June 10 — Many of the fruits and vegetables we eat contain pesticide residue. To better detect the presence of these substances in food products, Swedish researchers have developed an inexpensive and reproducible mini-sensor.
IN light of escalating fertiliser prices which can make up 60% of the total palm oil production, the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities (MPIC) has urged growers – regardless their plantation size – to switch from chemical fertilisers to optimum usage of organic fertilisers.  
THE Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry (MOSTI) through Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd has launched the MYStartup Accelerator programme which offers an array of world-class mentors and potential funding opportunities to selected tech start-ups in Malaysia. 
The experts will meet on June 23 to assess whether the continuing outbreak represents a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, the highest level of global alert, which currently applies only to the COVID-19 pandemic and polio. So far this year, more than 1,600 confirmed cases and almost 1,500 suspected cases of Monkeypox have been reported to WHO, across 39 countries – including seven countries where monkeypox has been...
KUALA LUMPUR: Mesyuarat Kabinet hari ini bersetuju dengan pelaksanaan tiga lagi intervensi tambahan bagi menangani isu bekalan, sekali gus merancakkan aktiviti pengeluaran makanan domestik negara. Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Makanan, Datuk Seri Dr Ronald Kiandee, berkata intervensi pertama adalah Program Kebuniti Keluarga Malaysia dengan peruntukan sebanyak RM30 juta bagi tahun 2022.
Researchers at the University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia) have discovered the common Zophobas morio ‘superworm’ can eat through polystyrene, thanks to a bacterial enzyme in their gut.
KUALA LUMPUR: Despite being fortified by sound economic fundamentals and the economy is on its way to a recovery after turning the corner against the pandemic, Malaysia must be clear-eyed about the challenges on the horizon. Bursa Malaysia chairman Tan Sri Abdul Wahid Omar said there were a number of factors to be optimistic about the country's growth outlook and most importantly, it was transitioning to the endemic phase...
WASHINGTON, June 16 — A panel of experts convened by the US Food and Drug Administration unanimously recommended Covid-19 vaccines Wednesday for children under five, the final age group awaiting immunisation in most countries.
The colour of light is a vital exogenous parameter and is now considered an important management tool in poultry production. Different colours have different effects on the performance of chickens depending on whether a given colour of light is used continuously throughout the production cycle or alternated with other colours.
3D printed bioslides from adidas are set to launch soon as are a Grateful Dead themed collection of biosneakers and sandals. Absolut is trialing biobased bottle caps for more sustainable spirits and French Cognac brand Maison A de Fussigny has debuted a plant-based flax fiber bottle for its organic cognac. Cheers to that!
KUALA LUMPUR, June 13 — The World Bank on Monday maintained Malaysia’s economic growth forecast this year at 5.5 per cent. The growth is mainly driven by a robust rebound in consumption demand, World Bank said in a report.
CoffeeTrusted Source contains many beneficial compounds for health, including caffeine, diterpenes, and chlorogenic acid. StudiesTrusted Source show that habitual coffee consumption is linked to the prevention of chronic and degenerative conditions, including cancer, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease.
The U.S. is the top producer of hybrid striped bass, and a Texas A&M AgriLife team is working to improve the fishes’ health, growth and productivity by developing effective nutritional strategies to substitute fishmeal and other protein feedstuffs in the farmed bass diets.
The value of the global oleochemicals market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 6.5% from US$27.3M in 2021 to US$39.8M in 2027, according to research by India-based analytics and advisory company Astute Analytica, reported by PR Newswire.
ADDIS ABABA, June 9 (Bernama) -- Acute food insecurity is likely to deteriorate further in 20 countries or situations, including Ethiopia, from June to September 2022, according to the joint UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and World Food Programme (WFP) report.
BONE Health Alliance Malaysia (BHAM) is supporting the government's call for action towards effective tobacco control measures as it is critical to improving bone health and reducing the burden of fractures. Bone health took a back seat during the pandemic but as we transition to the endemic phase, BHAM is urging Malaysians to practise positive bone health habits, as osteoporosis...
FGV Agri Services Sdn Bhd has launched Butik S, the first-generation rodenticide for usage in the integration of cage owls under the Paddy Production Incentive Scheme (SIPP). The anticoagulant bait is formulated from several ingredients that are palatable for rats and designed to have the proper weight, shape and colour to attract rats.
Malaysia Airlines operated its first passenger flight using Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel™ (SAF) on flight MH603 from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore in conjunction with World Environment Day. The historic flight was operated with a Boeing 737-800 aircraft fuelled by a blend of conventional jet fuel and Neste’s SAF, which is produced from 100% renewable waste and residue raw materials. The...
THE Malaysian economy no longer requires the support of monetary policy, according to Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) deputy governor Abdul Rasheed Ghaffour. He noted that the gradual hike in the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) from its historical low of 1.75% to 2% will allow the market to adjust and be viewed as accommodating.
Vital dengue vaccine offers over four years’ protection following successful clinical trial Takeda has announced that its dengue vaccine, TAK-003, prevented 84% of hospitalised cases and 61% of symptomatic cases. Furthermore, there were no important safety risks identified among the overall population throughout the four and a half years following vaccination during the phase 3 Tetravalent Immunization against Dengue Efficacy...
Rutgers researchers have discovered that nitrogen-fixing bacteria hidden within leaf cells could lead to more efficient and sustainable methods of crop cultivation. The study, recently published in the journal Biology, investigated how bacteria in non-photosynthetic leaf cells of seed plants can naturally provide nitrogen to plants.
Researchers have developed a new joint system draws energy from the sun and biomass can provide 100 percent of the heating needed for a one-story house during the year. In the warmer months, the system can generate surplus electricity that can be resold to the grid. The system has been developed and tested so far only at the simulation level, but it seems...
KUALA LUMPUR, June 7 (Bernama) -- The 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP) aims to shift the country's conventional linear economy model, which has been proven to be harmful to the environment, to the sustainable circular economy model, says Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Economy) Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed.
IN late 2018, it was reported that badminton champion Datuk Lee Chong Wei had to undergo treatment for early-stage nose cancer. The former World No. 1 has since bounced back after the diagnosis. His condition has thrown the spotlight on nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC), a type of nose cancer.
THAILAND will soon allow people to grow an unlimited number of cannabis plants at home as it is scheduled to be removed from its prohibited narcotics list on Thursday. However, homegrown cannabis is allowed only for health and medical purposes and is not to be used for recreation.
PARIS, June 7 — Toyota and its subsidiary Woven Planet have developed a prototype of a removable hydrogen cartridge, intended to power the vehicles and homes of the future with clean energy, based on individual needs.
KUALA LUMPUR: Langkah kerajaan memansuhkan permit import (AP) makanan baru-baru ini dilihat mampu menjadi penyelesaian bagi membolehkan pasaran beroperasi secara bebas dalam usaha memperkukuh jaminan makanan serta mengelak berlakunya kenaikan harga.
Consolidation means the total number working in global farming has never been smaller. Farm business is hard work, poorly paid and seasonal. When contrasted with more regular jobs in other industries, this causes a worker to rethink. Agriculture isn’t immune from the “Great Resignation,” and McKinsey analysts have recently shown that this trend will continue.
KUALA LUMPUR: Pemuliharaan hutan ruang yang semakin berkembang untuk tujuan pelaburan ke arah pengurangan pelepasan karbon di Asia Tenggara (SEA), khususnya di Indonesia dan Malaysia, menurut laporan oleh perunding global Bain & Company dan firma pelaburan Singapura, Temasek Holdings Ltd.
When someone gets an infection, most people think it’s the immune system kicking into gear when they feel some of the body’s natural defenses like a fever, chills, or fatigue. But what many of us don’t know is that it’s actually the brain behind all of this. Researchers led by teams from the Harvard University labs of Catherine Dulac,...
Inflation is expected to pick up in 2022 as the effects of ongoing global supply chain disruptions are transmitted to Malaysia’s consumer prices says local rating agency RAM Ratings.
KUALA LUMPUR: Public awareness about asthma and how it affects patients are key to effective control of the chronic lung disorder. Experts said without a proper understanding of asthma and its triggers, it could become fatal if not properly managed, noting that many people perceive asthma as a “normal” illness, with no immediate treatment needed.
The remarks were made during an interview with Al-Ekhbarya, an Arabic news and current affairs TV channel. According to reporting in The Saudi Gazette, Al-Shaikhi said that Saudi Arabia would reach its aquaculture production goal after joining the Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific (NACA), the largest international organisation in the sector.
THE tobacco industry has known for decades the problem of plastic filters in its cigarettes and packaging but has never owned up to the pollution, waste and damage to the environment, lamented a regional non-governmental body.
JUNE 7 — Immediate-term measures by the government to overcome chicken supply and price issues are not sustainable and are a significant disruption to the market. Malaysia needs effective policies and medium-to long-term actions now to avoid similar problems in the future.
A decade has passed since the landmark paper by Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier describing their Nobel Prize–winning research appeared in Science. The research, of course, was about the “genetic scissors” known as CRISPR. Over the past 10 years, improved versions of these scissors have been introduced by many researchers, and many gene-snipping applications have been explored. To date, the...
KUALA LUMPUR: The United Kingdom, one of the nations at the forefront of reversing environmental decline and tackling climate change, has inked a new partnership agreement with the Malaysian government to strengthen co-operation on climate action.
LONDON, June 5 (Reuters) - AstraZeneca (AZN.L) and Daiichi Sankyo's (4568.T) Enhertu extended survival by more than six months in patients with a form of advanced breast cancer compared to standard chemotherapy, according to data presented on Sunday.
KUALA LUMPUR (June 2): Rising food prices and diminishing supplies as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war will likely last through 2024. In a report titled “The Global Food Shock Will Last Years, Not Months" released on Thursday (June 2), S&P Global Ratings said fertiliser shortages, and export controls, disrupted global trade, and escalating fuel and transport costs will all...
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia bersetuju meningkatkan sumbangan negara sebanyak 40 peratus kepada Pertubuhan Kesihatan Sedunia (WHO) menjelang 2029. Menteri Kesihatan, Khairy Jamaluddin, berkata WHO penting dalam memberi nasihat normatif kepada dunia berkaitan dengan isu kesihatan awam dan kecemasan kesihatan.
Polemik mengenai krisis makanan sebagai cabaran negara dibahaskan ahli politik, ahli akademik, ilmuwan agama dan masyarakat umum. Ia menimbulkan kerisauan berterusan dan menuntut pemimpin negara untuk menanganinya dengan cara berhemah.
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines Bhd will operate the first passenger flight using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore on June 5 in conjunction with World Environment Day.
PUTRAJAYA: The role and contribution of Malaysia’s halal economy should be further tapped so that it can make a greater contribution towards the nation’s coffers, says Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.
JOHOR BARU: Johor wants to attract more medical-related manufacturing companies to set up their operations in the state. Mentri Besar Datuk Onn Hafiz Ghazi said Johor is ready to become an important regional medical devices manufacturing hub.
SERBADinamik Sdn Bhd has strengthened its presence in the Middle East by signing a memorandum of agreement (MoA) with the United Arab Emirates. According to the oil and gas (O&G) firm, the MoA, signed on May 19 this year is expected to generate billions in annual revenue.
SYDNEY, May 27 (Bernama) -- Researchers from Australia's Curtin University have analysed seawater samples from across the globe and discovered that even the most remote areas of the vast ocean contain traces of microplastics.
PETALING JAYA: Malaysia should tap into the circular bioeconomy as it has an “abundant feedstock” of up to 100 million tonnes of biomass, the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (Mida) said.
Scientists have discovered through a new study what eventually persuaded people to get vaccinated against COVID-19 after previously saying they were "hesitant" to get jabbed. The research from the University of Kansas found that "conversion messages" were one of the most effective tools in convincing people to get vaccinated. This was in contrast to "one-sided" messages of advocacy. Conversion messages...
PETALING JAYA: Malaysia has the right climate, fertile soil and ample rain to plant crops that meet the nation’s needs and ensure food security instead of turning to imports, which cost some RM60 billion annually, said Universiti Utara Malaysia professor of economics Dr K. Kuperan Viswanathan.
As EV battery demand continues to rise, manufacturers are turning to recycling innovation to meet lithium supply shortages. For electric vehicles (EVs) to successfully become the best solution to the world’s transport pollution issues, the industry needs to develop a global infrastructure for recycling the metals and chemicals used in the millions of batteries produced each year. To meet global...
BUSINESSES in Malaysia are expected to remain positive for the second quarter of this year (2Q22) despite a slower pace. Department of Statistics Malaysia (DoSM) chief statistician Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Uzir Mahidin said businesses have registered a 3.5% increase in confidence from a 7.6% increase in 2Q21.
Researchers discover that measuring the level of anti-Mullerian hormone in premenopausal women could predict bone loss, and lead to early intervention of osteoporosis. The transition to menopause spans roughly 3 years and is concluded by the final menstrual period. Among other symptoms, such as irregular menstrual cycles, mood and sleep disorders, and hot flashes, the transition can be accompanied by...
KUALA LUMPUR, May 30 — The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries (MAFI) today assured that food supply in the country has not reached crisis level as claimed by some quarters but is still sufficient.
I have often wondered why there is so much opposition to plastic, even though it is by far the best material for a very wide range of applications, and even though d2w technology now exists to manufacture it so that it quickly biodegrades if it gets into the environment as litter. It seems that plastic is seen by some...
PUTRAJAYA: Kawal selia pelbagai sektor ekonomi halal dalam negara secara lebih komprehensif boleh disatukan melalui penubuhan Suruhanjaya Patuh Syariah, kata Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob. Dalam ucaptama sempena Syarahan Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi hari ini, Ismail Sabri berkata pada masa ini cadangan kawal selia sedia ada terhad kepada sektor kewangan Islam melalui Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) dan Suruhanjaya Sekuriti, manakala...
New research has uncovered how genetic changes that accumulate slowly in blood stem cells throughout life are likely to be responsible for the dramatic change in blood production after the age of 70. The study, by scientists at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, the Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute and collaborators, is published today (1 June) in the journal Nature, and suggests...
Approximately 85% of the cases of lameness are due to foot health problems such as sole ulcer, digital dermatitis, foot rot, deep infection, and laminitis, with only 15% due to lesions elsewhere on the limb. The magnitude of the economic loss resulting from lameness in dairy units is very similar in different countries, mostly varying between € 40-50 per cow....
The popularity of pet foods soared during the pandemic. Human-pet relationships improved during the pandemic owing to the lockdowns imposed in major parts of the world. This also led to an increase in the use of pet supplements and nutraceuticals for specific health concerns such as joint pains and iron deficiency.
PETALING JAYA, May 28 — Halal Development Corporation Bhd (HDC) expects Malaysia’s halal exports this year to surpass the RM42 billion pre-pandemic level. Chief executive officer Hairol Ariffein Sahari said in the first quarter of this year, halal exports rose almost 100 per cent from the same quarter a year ago.
The medical device landscape is changing fast in part due to new technology including IoT hardware. These modifications are creating opportunities and challenges for products designers. New medical devices must be safe, practical and valuable to providers and their patients. At the same time, regulations and ongoing supply shortages create additional challenges for manufacturers.
John Innes Centre (JIC) scientists used CRISPR-Cas9 to shut off a molecule in tomato plants and increase the concentration of provitamin D3 in the fruits and leaves. The study, published in Nature Plants, provides a simple solution to the increasing number of individuals suffering from vitamin D insufficiency worldwide.
There are thousands of kinds of bacteria – microscopic, single-celled organisms that are among the earliest known life forms on earth and live in every possible environment all over the world. They might be airborne or found in water, plants, soil, animals and even humans, where some cause dangerous diseases such as salmonella, pneumonia, meningitis, tuberculosis, anthrax, tetanus and...
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia is setting up a Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR), an independent centre within the World Economic Forum (WEF), to support the achievement of the country’s overarching vision under its 4IR Policy launched in 2021, as well as the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint.
There are certain situations where maintaining distance to reduce the spread of COVID-19 is difficult, such as when a doctor takes blood or when someone checks into a hotel. By combining medical and engineering technologies, a team of Nagoya University researchers in Japan combined a desktop-sized air-curtain with LEDs to irradiate the coronavirus and allow people to interact in close...
With increasing prices of daily necessities locally and globally, the era of cheap food may soon become history. Such price hikes are inevitable due to rising oil prices and the weakening of ringgit against the dollar for international trade, compounded by post-pandemic inflation attributed to geopolitical factors.
KUALA LUMPUR (May 25): FGV Holdings Bhd (FGV) expects to produce 75,000 tonnes of animal feed this year, up from 40,000 tonnes produced last year, to cater for the increasing demand for meat such as cow, goat, rabbit and chicken.
For many companies, Industry 4.0 is still the “next thing” they should focus on—or the trend they are currently adopting their strategy to. It reflects the fourth industrial revolution triggered and enabled by developments in IT. Key elements include automation, robotization, big data analytics, smart systems, virtualization, AI, machine learning and Internet of Things.
Granulab, a 70%-owned subsidiary of KPower has today launched “ProsteomaxTM”, Malaysia’s halal-certified synthetic bone cement. The launch was officiated by the Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Yang Berhormat Datuk Haji Ahmad Amzad Hashim at Granulab’s manufacturing plant in Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam, Selangor.
KUANTAN, May 25 (Bernama) -- Various initiatives will be implemented to promote freshwater fish to the community for its protein source, which includes producing frozen food items, says Pahang Fisheries Department director Abdullah Jaafar.
MELBOURNE, May 22 — The Australian city of Melbourne has decided to create new green spaces, in addition to protecting its existing parks and multiplying projects to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the city. The goal is to become a net-zero city, driving the ecological transition while also making life more pleasant.
By By Dr Muhammed Basheer Jasser, Senior Lecturer and Program Leader of BSc (Hons) Information Technology, Department of Computing and Information Systems, School of Engineering and Technology, Sunway University
THE Samsung group plans to raise spending by more than 30% to 450 trillion won (about US$360 billion) over the half-decade to 2026 to shore up businesses from chips to drugs as South Korea’s conglomerates grapple with growing economic and supply shocks.
The future of R&D for the controlled environment agriculture industry has arrived — and it’s in space. Space farming has been a topic of interest to astronauts for nearly as long as humans have been in space. With each individual astronaut requiring about "1.8 kilograms of food and packaging per day,” supplying nutritious food to space stations and other long-duration...
Oyster shells are more commonly found on the bottom of our plates than on the soles of our sneakers. However, that’s exactly where French designer Eugène Riconneaus has chosen to use them in his collection of upcycled sneakers named ER Soulier. The aim is to bring together style and environmentalism, while helping clean up the waste polluting France’s coasts.
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia telah melaksanakan lima inisiatif intervensi bagi mengatasi penurunan kebolehpasaran graduan sepanjang tempoh pandemik COVID-19. Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi (KPT) dalam satu kenyataan, hari ini, memaklumkan bahawa Menterinya, Datuk Seri Dr Noraini Ahmad ketika berucap pada Forum Pendidikan Sedunia (EWF) di London, Selasa lalu, berkata inisiatif itu meliputi Program Penjana Kemajuan Kerjaya KPT (Penjana KPT-CAP), Program 'Teaching Factory', Transformasi...
Immune response and the lymphatic system are central to cardiac repair after a heart attack, according to a study from Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago and Northwestern University Feinberg Cardiovascular Research Institute. These insights into the basic mechanisms of cardiac repair are the first step towards developing novel therapeutic approaches to preserve heart function. Findings...
Drones spraying pesticide, sensors taking soil readings, sprinklers that squirt fertiliser at the touch of a button—a Malaysian plantation is using high-tech methods to boost its crop of pungent durians.
The German government’s environment ministry is working on a proposal to phase out the use of biofuels produced from food and feed crops by 2030, according to an Argus Media report. The proposal came against a backdrop of rising food costs and declining supplies of agricultural products caused by the disruption of exports from main suppliers Ukraine and Russia, the report said,...
THERE may be more reasons for Malaysians seeking greener pastures elsewhere than just the money such as safety, the standard of living as well as career growth opportunities. Randstad Malaysia head of operations Fahad Naem said employers can do more to bring these talents back to Malaysia for knowledge sharing and improve the skills of the local talent pool.
Life sciences is a sector with longstanding clustering tendencies! Indeed, the benefits of physical proximity, collaboration and knowledge-sharing are widely recognised, both for collections of companies and constituent parts of the same organisation.
In early February, residents of Hong Kong—an Asian financial hub home to 7.4 million people—faced a shortage of fresh food. Shelves stocking vegetables and the like were empty across supermarkets in the city as strict Covid-19 controls across the border in mainland China badly disrupted fresh food supplies.
Have you ever stood next to a large pile of biowaste or steaming manure wondering how much heat is contained in there? And if there are commercially viable technologies to capture that heat? No? Well, others have.
TOKYO: Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob proposed to the International Conference on the Future of Asia here Thursday three key points to enable Asia to play a role in leading a divided world.
BERITA antarabangsa sejak beberapa hari lalu melaporkan wabak cacar monyet kini tersebar di beberapa kawasan di Kanada, Amerika Syarikat (AS), beberapa negara Eropah termasuk United Kingdom (UK), Jerman, Perancis dan terkini Australia.
California-based Kore has developed a new way to produce hydrogen from biogas. It claims the new method could potentially provide hydrogen for less than $2 per kg. “We produce biogas and biochar from biogenic feedstocks and the resulting biogas contains hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane and carbon dioxide,” Kore's executive vice president of business development, Steve Wirtel, said. “The carbon monoxide can also...
Researchers in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Iowa State University have discovered an innovative approach to fight bacteria and their antimicrobial resistance in poultry by exploiting linkages between the gut neurochemical and immune systems.
WASHINGTON: Pertubuhan Bangsa Bangsa Bersatu (PBB) memberi amaran bahawa krisis makanan global yang meruncing mungkin berterusan selama beberapa tahun sekiranya tidak dikawal. PBB mengeluarkan amaran itu ketika Bank Dunia mengumumkan pembiayaan tambahan sebanyak AS$12 bilion (RM53 bilion) bagi mengurangkan 'kesan buruk' akibat krisis itu.
PHARMANIAGA Bhd is setting up a RM300 mil halal insulin and vaccine plant in Puchong, Selangor, which is expected to be fully completed by end of 2023. Group managing director Datuk Zulkarnain Md Eusope said the plant, which began construction two years ago, would start marketing activities in early 2024.
Pandemik COVID-19, pemanasan global dan terbaru, krisis Russia-Ukraine memberi kesan terhadap jaminan keselamatan makanan dunia. Ketidakstabilan situasi global ini pasti memberi kesan terhadap negara yang masih banyak bergantung kepada sumber luar.
Super GT is the first championship in Asia to run on 100% biofuel. With the decision to use the fully sustainable fuel Renewablaze GTA R100 from ETS Racing Fuels, the GT Association has achieved a major milestone in leading the motorsport industry towards a more sustainable future. ETS Racing Fuels, a leading fuel development partner for the racing industry and a...
MALAYSIA must examine the growth strategies and models of China, Japan, and South Korea to accelerate its own economic development, said former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. According to Dr Mahathir, the Look East Policy – introduced in 1982 during his tenure as prime minister – can serve as a platform to express the development models of the Asian...
GENEVA: A Covid-19 vaccine effective against multiple variants is possible before the end of 2022, the head of US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer said Wednesday. Chairman Albert Bourla said the firm was also working on producing a vaccine that could provide good protection for a whole year, meaning people would come back annually for boosters, as with influenza shots.
Perstorp Group, a leading sustainability-driven global specialty chemicals company, today said that it is to be acquired by PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad (PCG). PCG announced today that it has signed a Securities Purchase Agreement on 14 May 2022 to acquire the entire equity interest in Perstorp Holding AB. The agreement was signed with Financière Forêt S.à.r.l, a company under...
KUALA LUMPUR (May 17): Who would have thought that food waste that we consider to be worthless can actually help generate a source of side income, especially in the face of today’s uncertain economic situation.
The State of the Climate 2021 indicates that extreme weather – the day-to-day face of climate change – wreaked a heavy toll of human lives, triggered shocks for food and water security, and led to hundreds of billions of dollars in economic losses last year. The report, which describes yet more clear signs that human activity is causing harm on a...
Eli Lilly’s Verzenios (abemaciclib) has received a marketing authorisation from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), in combination with endocrine therapy for the adjuvant treatment of patients with HR+, HER2-, high risk node-positive early breast cancer (EBC).
The Chinese agriculture ministry announced plans to allow more genetically modified maize varieties developed by local companies. According to ISAAA, China was the seventh-largest producer of biotech crops globally in 2019. It is also one of the six countries that initially adopted biotech crops in 1996. In 2019, approximately 3.2 million hectares were planted with biotech cotton and papaya in China. Early this year, Chinese agriculture ministry...
KUALA LUMPUR (May 17): Malaysia saved 132.43 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity amounting to RM48.34 million as at Dec 31, 2021 via the Energy Management Gold Standard (EMGS), which places emphasis on efficient energy use by the industrial and building sectors, said Energy and Natural Resources Deputy Minister Datuk Ali Biju.
DIGITAL Transformation (DX) among businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak was a watershed moment, as it required businesses to relocate to online platforms in order to stay viable.   Over the last two years, there has been an increase of DX among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) but there is still a percentage of businesses that are truly hesitant to adopt it.
KUALA LUMPUR: Duopharma Biotech Bhd's net profit rose 15 per cent to RM20.29 million in the first quarter (Q1) ended March 31, 2022, from RM17.61 million a year ago. The company's revenue also increased by 12 per cent to RM185.94 million in Q1 2022 from RM166.45 million a year ago.
SHAH ALAM: The country's first sustainable dog food with the use of black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) as an alternative protein source will be developed soon. Pet World Nutritions Sdn Bhd, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Selangor (SPCA Selangor) and Nutrition Technologies embarked on a strategic partnership today with the signing of the memorandum of understanding (MoU).
ALL state governments have agreed to partake in the “No Plastic Bag” campaign where a minimum of 20 sen will be charged for the use of a plastic bag. According to a Bernama report today, the decision came after Environment and Water Minister Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man held a meeting with environment authorities and Members of the State Executive Council Responsible...
WASHINGTON: The World Bank on May 18 announced actions it plans to take as part of a comprehensive, global response to the ongoing food security crisis, with up to US$30 billion (RM131.7 billion) financing in existing and new projects, Xinhua reported.
Two Rutgers University engineers specializing in the process of making drugs derived from living organisms have created an analytical tool they expect will accelerate the discovery and production of biologic drugs that are often at the cutting edge of biomedical research.
Agriculture and farming are two of the oldest and most essential professions the world over. Humans have relied on agriculture as a primary food source for thousands of years. Today, food security is becoming a concern for the entire world. By 2050, the world population is expected to have grown to an estimated 10 billion. In this regard, our ability to...
Can you imagine running a computer chip on algae – yes, algae – for more than six months? Apparently, that’s now possible thanks to biochemists at the University of Cambridge who created the biobased battery alternative to power small electronics during their “pandemic project”. And speaking of the pandemic, goodness knows we’ve taken more COVID-19 tests than we thought...
KUALA LUMPUR, May 16 — For more than two years, Malaysians have adjusted to changes in our everyday lives and adopted what the government has termed the “new normal”: social distancing, wearing of face masks, disinfecting our hands and saying goodbye to some activities.
JOHOR BAHRU: Lebih tiga juta telur nyamuk aedes mengandungi bakteria Berwolbachia akan dilepaskan secara berperingkat untuk membiak, sekali gus mengurangkan 40 peratus kes demam denggi di kawasan panas di Projek Perumahan Rakyat ( PPR) Kempas Permai di sini.
A new article published in Reviews in Aquaculture and co-authored by scientists from CATRIN, the Faculty of Fisheries and Water Conservation at the University of South Bohemia in Vodňany and the Biological Centre of the CAS in České Budějovice is exploring the advances in oral vaccines for aquaculture.